Chancellor Ronnie Green shakes hands with Professor Joy Castro on stage at the installation ceremony

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Faculty Awards for Research and Creative Activity

University of Nebraska Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity

The Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award (ORCA) honors members of the University of Nebraska faculty who have conducted outstanding research or creative activity of national and/or international significance.

Kwame Dawes (2019)
Kenneth M. Price (2013)
Jonis Agee (2010)
Wheeler Winston Dixon (2006)
Susan J. Rosowski (2004)
Hilda Raz (2002)
Moira Ferguson (1995)
Oyekan Owomoyela (1994)
Stephen Behrendt (1992)
Louis Crompton (1986)
Paul A. Olson (1984)
Bernice Slote (1978)

College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award

The Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award (ORCA) honors recognizes significant research and creative accomplishments of faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences over the last five years.

Jonis Agee (2019)
Maureen Honey (2018)
Kenneth M. Price (2016)
Stephen Behrendt (2015)
Kwame Dawes (2014)
Joy Castro (2013)
Gerald Shapiro (2007)
Wheeler Winston Dixon (2003)
Hilda Raz (2001)

Faculty Service Awards

Louise Pound-George Howard Distinguished Career Award

This award was approved by the Faculty Senate in 1989 to recognize an individual whose career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has made an exceptional contribution to the university community through teaching, research, administrative service, or a combination of those activities.

Fran Kaye (2016)
Barbara DiBernard (2011)
James McShane (2004)
Paul A. Olson (1999)
Fred Link (1995)

Dr. Charles Riedesel Outstanding Academic Advising Award

This award recognizes exceptional faculty or staff members who go beyond basic advising duties to provide support, empowerment, coaching, counseling, and guidance to enable students to succeed.

Kelly Payne (2016)

James V. Griesen Exemplary Service to Students Award

This award recognizes individuals who go beyond the performance of their assigned work, devoting extra time and effort in serving the needs of students. The award acknowledges extraordinary and sustained performance on behalf of students.

Kelly Payne (2017)
Robert Bergstrom (1998)

Outstanding Contributions to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community

The awards recognize efforts to create an inclusive, respectful and safe climate for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Stacey Waite (2017)
Joy Ritchie (2005)
Department of English (2004)
Louis Crompton (2003)
George E. Wolf (2003)
Barbara DiBernard (2002)

Outstanding Contributions to the Status of Women

The award recognizes outstanding faculty, staff and student efforts to create a climate that encourages women to succeed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and demonstrates a sustained and tangible impact on the campus community.

Barbara DiBernard (1995)

College of Arts & Sciences Engagement Award

The CAS Engagement Award honors people or units involved in examplary engagement activities that have an impact beyond the university—within a community, the state of Nebraska, the nation, or the world.

Nebraska Writing Project (2018)
Robert Brooke, Director

Grants awarded to faculty and faculty projects

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant

Amelia Montes (2017)

National Endowment for the Humanities Grants

Matt Cohen and Kenneth M. Price (2019)
For The Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive

Julia Schleck (2017)
For “Beyond East and West: Exchanges and Encounters in the Early Modern World, 1400-1800”, a summer institute for college and university professors

National Endowment for the Arts Individual Creative Writing Fellowships

Hope Wabuke (2017)
For her book The Body Family (forthcoming)

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipends

Melissa Homestead (2017)
For her book The Creative Partnership of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis (forthcoming)

18th Annual International Latino Book AwardsBest Latino/a-themed Fiction Book Winner

Jennine Capó Crucet (2017)
For her book Make Your Home Among Strangers (MacMillan, 2015)

2017 Independent Publisher Book Award

Kwame Dawes (2017)
For editing the essay collection When the Rewards Can Be So Great: Essays on Writing and the Writing Life (Pacific University Press, 2016)

James V. Griesen 2017 Chancellor's Award for Exemplary Service to Students

Kelly Payne (2017)

2017 Robert L. Hough Distinguished Teaching Award for Lecturers

Pascha Sotolongo Stevenson (2017)

Graduate Student Achievements

Robinson Award

Ivan Young (2017)
"Barbaric Sex: The Problem of Rape, Cannibalism and Sodomy in Shakespeare's Work."

Van Sickle Awards

Maria Nazos (2017)
Raul Palma (2017)

Dean's Fellowship

Daniel Clausen (2017)

Maude Hammond Fling Fellowship

Erin Bertram (2017)

University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Incubator Fellowship

Erin Bertram (2017)
Linda Garcia Merchant (2017)

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Dissertation Award

Eder Jaramillo (2017)

Ithaca College Diversity Scholar Fellowship

Raul Palma

Margery Davis Boyden Wilderness Writing Residency

Ryler Dustin

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

Layla Younis — Bahrain

Digital Humanities at Oxford University Bursary

Lydia Presley (2017)

Othmer Recruitment Fellowships

Alexandria Deluise (2017)
Claire Jimenez (2017)

Card Recruitment Fellowships

Alexandria Deluise (2017)
Mark Housten (2017)
Ilana Masad (2017)

2017-2018 Chancellors Recruitment Fellowships

David Henson (2017)
Alexander Ramirez (2017)

2017 Parents' Recognition Awards

Cameron Steele (2019) Adrienne Christian (2018)
Gabriel Houck (2018)
Kirby Little (2018)
Ivan Young (2018)

EGSA Awards

Presented annually to English faculty and graduate students by the English Student Graduate Association

Excellence in Teaching Award (M.A.)

Dillon Rockrohr (2017)

Excellence in Teaching Award (Ph.D.)

Erin Bertram (2017)

Outstanding Service Award

Nicole Green (2017)

Star Professor Award

Amelia Montes (2017)

Undergraduate Student Achievements

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Lane Chasek (2017)
Spencer Creal (2017)
Matthew Strasburger (2017)
Jessica Vazquez (2017)

Chancellor's Scholars

Erin Marie Marra (2017)

UCARE Research Awards

Austin Buchanan (2017)
Faculty sponsor: Timothy Schaffert

Bailea Kerr (2017)
Faculty sponsor: Beverley Rilett

Dana Livingston (2017)
Faculty sponsor: Adrian Wisnicki

Ruobing Zhao (2017)
Faculty sponsor: Rachel Azima

Jade Zuehlke (2017)
Faculty sponsor: Beverley Rilett