What We Do

The EGSA exists to represent the interests of the graduate students of the English department, facilitate collegiality between students and faculty, and provide a venue for departmental service. All graduate students in the English department are de facto members of the EGSA.


Email nuegsa@gmail.com or reach out to any of the officers directly.

The EGSA Board welcomes graduate student comments, concerns, ideas, or anything else you'd like to share.

Current EGSA Board

  • Serenity Dougherty - President, General Board Member
  • Zoe McDonald - Vice President, General Board Member
  • Paul Grosskopf – Treasurer, PhD Representative
  • Jocelyn Clayton – First-Year Representative
  • Briar Essex – MA Representative
  • Kathleen Dillon – General Board Member
  • Phillip Howells – GSA Representative, General Board Member
  • Alexandra Bissell – General Board Member

EGSA Structure


Board members are elected by the graduate student body every Fall to a two year term. One elected position is reserved for an M.A. representative, and one for a first year student representative. The graduate representative on the Graduate Committee is included as a general member of the board. Membership is staggered so that there are always senior and junior members of the EGSA Board. At the first meeting following elections, the board elects its own officers from its general members. These officers are President, VP, Treasurer, and Events Coordinator.


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Every year the EGSA hosts several events:

  • Welcome Back Picnic (Friday before the semester begins)
  • Tea & Empathy (Finals Week)
  • General EGSA Meeting (Third or Fourth Week of Spring Semester)

Departmental Committees

With the exception of the Graduate Committee, departmental committees are a separate position from EGSA board. Elections to departmental committees are coordinated by the EGSA board, and take place once a year each spring. Elected committee representatives begin their term the following fall.

Current Departmental Committee Representatives

Chair's Advisory Committee: Erika Luckert
Appeals Committee: TBA
Graduate Committee: TBA
Undergraduate Committee: TBA

EGSA Awards

Star Professor Award

Beginning in 2014-15, the EGSA has awarded the Star Professor Award each year to a faculty member whose exemplary commitment to graduate student education and well being deserves recognition. Nominations are accepted from the graduate student body during the spring committee elections, voted on by the EGSA board, and the award is presented at the annual spring awards ceremony.

Award Recipients

2019-20 — Rachael W. Shah

2018-19 — Timothy Schaffert

2017-18 — Shari Stenberg

2016-17 — Amelie María de la Luz Montes

2015-16 — Jonis Agee

2014-15 — Stacey Waite

Excellence in Teaching Award

Beginning in 2016-17, EGSA Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes one M.A. instructor and one PhD instructor who exhibits noteworthy pedagogy. Individuals are nominated by graduate students, and from those nominations, a committee consisting of one PhD student, one M.A. student, and the Graduate Chair selects the winners.

M.A. Recipients

2019-20 — Jessica Poli

2018-19 — Gina Keplinger

2017-18 — Anne Johnson

2016-17 — Dillon Rockrohr

Ph.D. Recipients

2019-20 — Rachel Cochran

2018-19 — Linda Garcia Merchant

2017-18 — Adam Hubrig

2016-17 — Erin Bertram

Outstanding Service Award

Beginning in 2016-17, EGSA Outstanding Service Award acknowledges one individual who has expended notable time and labor to the often unseen role(s) of service work. Individuals are nominated by graduate students, and from those nominations, a committee consisting of one PhD student, one M.A. student, and the Graduate Chair selects the winner.

Award Recipients

2019-20 — Alexandra DeLuise

2018-19 — Shawn Rubenfeld

2017-18 — Stevie Seibert Desjarlais

2016-17 — Nicole Green