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Associate Professor and Director of Composition and Rhetoric

Personal Teaching Statement

The interests that drive my work as a college English teacher also drive my research. In the classroom as well as my research, I want to join others in examining the relationships between reading, writing and agency: How do readers and writers engage authority in acts of reading and writing? How do texts and particular literacy practices acquire authority? How do people (and communities) use writing to intervene in established relationships of power? How do English teachers create classroom spaces where students can examine and explore the production of authority through writing (their own and others’)?

Selected Publications and Awards

“The Rise of the Online Writing Classroom” (with June Griffin). College Composition and Communication, September 2013.

“Governance: Strategizing for Success” (with N. Mitchell et al.). A Process Approach to General Education Reform: Transforming Institutional Culture in Higher Education. Susan Gano-Phillips and Robert Barnett, eds. Madison: Atwood Publishing, 2010.

Hazel R. McClymont Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2010.

Annis Chaikin Sorenson Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2009.

“The Dynamics of Teacher Development: Negotiating Where We Stand” (with Dana Kinzy). Pedagogy, Fall 2008.

“A Critical Reading and Revision Strategy: Glossing Argument as Cultural Work” (with Amy Goodburn) in Teaching Ideas for University English: What Really Works. Pat Gantt and Lynn Langer Meeks, eds.  Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon Publishers, 2004.

“Graduate Education as Education: The Pedagogical Arts of Institutional Critique” (with Virginia Crisco, Chris Gallagher, Katie Hupp Stahlnecker, and John Talbird). Pedagogy, Fall 2003.

Composition, Pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching (with Amy Goodburn). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann/Boynton-Cook, 2002.


Ph.D., University of Michigan

M.A., Georgetown University

B.A., Kalamazoo College

Areas of Interest



Literacy studies

Teacher research and faculty development


Digital Learning Environments

Writing Development