Department of English Newsletter December 2014

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Publications & Acceptances

Marco Abel published a book review of Mattias Frey's Postwall German Cinema: History, Film History, and Cinephilia in German Studies Review 37.3 (October 2014): 716-719.

Cover image for Cat Got Your Tongue?Jean L. Arnold, English as a Second Language lecturer, has had a contribution published in Cat got your tongue? Recent research and classroom practices for teaching idioms to English learners around the world by Paul McPherron and Patrick T. Randolph, published by TESOL Press.

Grace Bauer's poems, "Interlude In Auvillar" and "River Song" appear in the latest issue of One Trick Pony. Her essay, "Fellow Travelers" will appear in the next issue of Ascent.

Wheeler Winston Dixon has published a new article, “’Turn It Off!’ – Sound and Silence in 1960s British Gothic Cinema,” in Film International October 31, 2014.

Matthew Jockers had a critical introduction published in East and West of Wichita:

  • Jockers, Matthew L. Critical Introduction. East and West of Wichita. By Charles Driscoll. Rowfant Press, 2014.

Ken Price published "'Many long dumb voices . . . clarified and transfigured': The Walt Whitman Archive and the Scholarly Edition in the Digital Age" in Nuovi annali della Scuola speciale per archivisti e bibliotecari (December 2014), 241-56. This “class A” peer-reviewed journal is published in Italy.

Jaime Brunton's paper "Biopolitical Masochism in Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present" was accepted to the American Comparative Literature Association's 2015 conference. Her paper will be part of a seminar on "Labor and the Unconscious."

Eman Hassan has a poem forthcoming in Painted Bride Quarterly.

Aubrey Streit Krug presented "Learning the Language of Relation: Plants, Peoples, and the Ethnobotany of Melvin R. Gilmore" at the Western Literature Association conference Nov. 5-8 in Victoria. She was the recipient of the WLA's Taylor-Grover Award for the best graduate student paper presented at the conference.

Crystal Bock Thiessen is the editor and contributing author to "Peace Corps Ukraine Team Teaching Manual," which was recently published through the U.S. Department of State and Peace Corps Ukraine. The manual will be distributed throughout schools in Ukraine that work with Peace Corps team teaching volunteers in English language classrooms, and has been published in both English and Ukrainian. Thiessen is a lecturer in UNL's Programs in English as a Second Language, as well as a specialist in U.S. Department of State/Georgetown University English Language Specialist program.

Ian Rogers read his essay, "How Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Changed My Life," on episode 125 of The Drunken Odyssey literary podcast.

Raul Palma's review of Stuart Dybek's Ecstatic Cahoots is forthcoming in NANO Fiction and his story "The Gum Scraper," which appeared in Vine Leaves Literary Journal issue #12, will also be included in the 2014 Best of Vine Leaves Anthology.

Conferences, Readings, Workshops & Presentations

Grace Bauer and Cameron Steele recently conducted a writing workshop at the Sheldon Art Museum in conjunction with the Things Speak exhibit currently showing at the museum.

Tom Lynch attended the Western Literature Association conference Nov. 4-8 in Victoria, British Columbia. While there he attended the Executive Committee meeting in has capacity as editor of Western American Literature and also participated in a panel on editing scholarly journals.

Ken Price recently delivered a talk on “Binding Ties: Whitman’s Washington, Europe, and Democracy” at the Hawthorn Europe Transatlantic Conversations conference in Macerata, Italy. He later delivered "‘Many long dumb voices’: Social and Documentary Approaches to Walt Whitman in an Era of Shifting Paradigms” at the European Society for Textual Scholarship in Helsinki, Finland.

Stevie Seibert Desjarlais, Maria Nazos, and Brita Thielen will be presenting papers as part of a panel titled "Mirror Mirror: Feminine Identity, Motherhood, and the Female Spectator in Snow White and the Huntsman" at the 2015 Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Brita’s paper is titled "Reflection and Recognition: The Role of the Mirror in Snow White and the Huntsman," Maria’s paper is titled “In These Dark Woods: A Re-imagining and Revising of Snow White and the Huntsman," and Stevie’s paper is titled "Glimpses of Change: Mothers in Snow White and the Huntsman."

Activities, Accolades, & Grants

Shari Stenberg received a College of Arts and Sciences Enhancement grant to support publication of her book Repurposing Composition: Feminist Interventions for a Neoliberal Age, forthcoming in 2015 from Utah State University Press.

Roland Végső received an ENHANCE CAS internal grant in order to provide subvention for his translation into English of Peter Szendy's book Sur écoute: Esthétique de l’espionnage (Paris: Minuit, 2007) to be published by Fordham University Press.

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