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Assistant Professor


Ph.D. (2015), University of Miami

M.A. (2012), University of Miami

B.A. (2009), Lafayette College


I obsessively work on multiple projects, simultaneously bouncing back and forth between creative genres. My B.A. from Lafayette College was in Engineering Studies and English; at the University of Miami, I completed my Ph.D. in English Literature. My research interests lie in African & African Diaspora literature written in Swahili, English, and French. My current scholarly manuscript is titled "Writing Land, Righting Land: Literary Interventions in East African Property Rights."

At the University of Miami I taught courses in First Year Composition for STEM majors, World Literature, and American Literature since 1865. I also taught a class on metropolitan Africa, "Consuming African Cities," as part of Duke University's Thompson Writing Program. My current intellectual home is the Department of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I design courses in African literature, 20th century fiction, short stories, and Caribbean writers. A significant proportion of the reading and writing I do alongside my students is cross-genre, and re-invents communication technologies in unexpected ways. I'm delving into a new area of scholarship, African Digital Humanities, to serve as a resource for practitioners in the field. I'm also experimenting with creative nonfiction/memoir. Often times, however, I encounter ideas that are best communicated in the form of images, hence my deep commitment to photography.

Selected Publications and Projects

Papers and Articles

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Conference Presentations

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Natural Leitmotif: Land as a Symbol in East Africa’s Socio-Political Movements. UT-Austin African Conference by Dr. Toyin Falola, March 2013.

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