CJ 476 Syllabus
CJ 476 Reading List
CJ 476 Study Guide

Map of Active U.S. Hate Groups
Groups Involved in Civil Disobedience and Terrorism and Sites Related to Similar Topics
Hate/Tolerance Web Page
Photo Documentary of the Rape of Nanking
Painting of the Rape of Nanjing, from the Holocaust Museum, Nanjing, China
September 11 Considered
Southern Poverty Law Center
Terrorism Research Center
Terrorism Episode Data Base (1970 to present)
Terrorism Organization Data Base (1970 to present)

Terrorism Typology, Combs
A Typology of Terrorism by Target and Source
A Typology of Terrorists, Hacker
Characteristics of the Successful Terrorist, O'Ballance
Characteristics of Political Terrorism, Wilkinson
Perspectives on the Acceptability of Civil Disobedience
The Escalation of Social Revolution, Wilkinson
Rustin's Rationale Regarding Civil Disobedience
Seven Myths Regarding Terrorism, Hagan
Patterns of Global Terrorism, U.S. State Department
Country Reports on Terrorism, U.S. State Department
Report on Terrorism:  2007, U.S. Counterterrorism Center
"Bin Laden's Manuals of Terror," Gannon
Osama bin Laden and the United States Conflict (Master's Thesis), Snyder
Bin Laden and Islamist Terrorism, Mozaffari
"'Baby al-Qaidas' Sharing Bomb Secrets, Reports Say, Gomez
Encyclopedia of Afghan Jihad
"Why They Hate Us," James
"Extremists' Hatred of U.S. has Varied Roots," Hale and Walt
"How Terrorists Hijacked Islam," Stern
"Pointless Rage vs. Moral War," Medved
"Bomb Afghanistan Back to the Stone Age," Ansary
National Geographic Magazine Features on Afghanistan
"This May Be USA's Northern Ireland - Or Far Worse," Drake
"The End of the End of History," Zakaria
Foreign Terrorist Organizations Banned in the United States, U.S. State Department
Current Travel Warnings,  U.S. State Department
Hamas, Council on Foreign Relations
Map of Hate Groups in the United States, Southern Poverty Law Center
Ruby Ridge Episode of August 1992
A Perspective of American Left and Right Wing Terrorist Groups
Oklahoma City National Memorial
"Environmental Extremists and the Eco-Terrorism Movement," Nilson and Burke
Black Panther "March on the State Capitol" Episode
Synanon, Ofshe
"Dachau: The Medical Experiments," Blaha
"Birkenau Extermination Camp," Bendel
The Dharsana Salt Works Demonstration, Carey
Photo of  Adolph Eichmann (taken in 1940)
Photo of Reinhardt Heydrich (taken in 1942)
Photo Documentary of the Rape of Nanking
Painting of the Rape of Nanjing, from the Holocaust Museum, Nanjing, China
Yugoslavian War Crime Tribunal articles
International Law, Friedman
Coalition of International Justice (War Crimes Tribunal Information)
Twenty-Two International Crimes in the Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
International Law and Crimes of the State
Criminal Assassin vs. Terrorist Assassin
An Assassin Typology, Clarke
An Assassination Typology, National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
A Typology of Kidnapping, Turner
Hostage Scenario Bargaining Strategies
A Survival Manual for Hostages, Goldaber
Five Stages of Hostage Post-Episodic Reaction to Captivity, Poland
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