CJ 477: Organized Crime


CJ 477 Syllabus
CJ 477 Study Guide

Photos of American Organized Crime Figures
Differences Between the 1967 and 1987 Presidential Investigations of Organized Crime, from Albanese
Asia's Wildlife Trade, by Christy
Not Just Urban Legend, by Interlandi
An Organized Crime Family, drawn from the Presidential Task Force on Organized Crime
Police Incident Report of the Albert Anastasia Murder
Organized Crime Primer

Picture of current storefront at 770 Saratoga Ave., NYC (site of Murder, Inc., Midnight Rose)
Interview with John Gotti, Jr., from 60 Minutes
Whitey Bulger arrested, from MSN
The Scapegoat, by English (article about Whitey Bulger)

Dillinger Not Killed by the FBI, by Nash
Asian Organized Crime, by Keene
Excerpts from Analysis of Corruption by Sokaiya in Japan, by Yokoyama
Typical Triad Organization, from U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations  
Abstract - Sicilian Cosa Nostra  
Ndrangheta in Calabria, by Figliomeni (power point presentation)
Abstract - U.S. Cosa Nostra  
Art Crime, by Summers
Art Crime Complaint, U.S. District Court Southern District of New York

Abstract - Colombian Cartels/Russian Mafia  
Richard Kuklinski:  Confessions of a Mafia Hit Man
John Dillinger:  Dead or Alive?, from National Museum of Crime and Punishment
Statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky
A Model for Success in the Drug War, by Thomas
How El Chapo Got U.S. Agents to help him become Mexico's most Powerful Drug Lord, by Roston
Arrest of El Chapo Guzman

Mexican Drug Cartel's Main Areas of Influence, from BBC News  
Why Mexico's Drug War May Become It's Iraq, by Grillo
Photo of Mexican Drug Cartel Cash Seizure 
Arrest of La Familia Boss, from MSN

Blog del Narco (a blog that examines the Mexican drug cartels)
Bloodshed on the Border, by Campo-Flores and Campbell
A Mexican Town Wages Its Own War on Drugs, by Okeowo
Mexican/American Drug Flow Cartoon, by Keefe
Abstract - Japanese Yakuza  
Abstract - China:  Triads  
History of Organized Crime in Russia, by Gilinsky
Challenging the Russian Mafia Mystique, by Finckenauer and Waring
Russian Organized Crime:  A Criminal Hydra, by O'Neal
What the Mafia's Good For, by Luttwak 
Organized Crime Threat Assessment Variables
Predicting Organized Crime Infiltration into Legitimate Business, from Albanese 
U.S. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons Annual Report  (TIPS Report)
Prostitution Laws of the World
Human Trafficking in Cambodia

Characteristics of Chinese Human Smugglers, by Zhang and Chin
International Money Laundering, by Webster and McCampbell  
Money Laundering:  A Global Threat and the International Community Response, by Schroeder
FATF Blacklist
How is Money Laundered?
Ten Strategies to Combat Money Laundering, drawn from Schroeder  
The Shady Deals of God's Banker, by Katz
Why We Love Being Conned, by McArdle
Links to BCCI Bank Scandal Information
Links to Nugan Hand Bank Scandal Information
Nebraska Marijuana and Controlled Substances Tax
Opium Wars, by Draper
Prime Numbers: Doped, (price of cocaine and heroin) by Kilmer and Reuter

Cybercrime, by Sullivan
"Environmental Crimes," by Wright and Imfeld 
Account of the Commonwealth Bank of Nebraska collapse 
Ivan Boesky's home in La Jolla, California 
The Watergate Affair

Watergate handout
Credit Mobilier Scandal
Credit Mobilier and Enron

Corruption in the 21st Century
Transparency International Transparency Index 2012
Transparency International Corruption Research Conclusions
The 'White Room' Revisited, by Greenway
Photo of 23 year-old Joseph Stalin
Photo of 33 year-old Mao Zedong
Night of the Long Knives, from Wikipedia
Dachau: The Medical Experiments, by Blaha
Birkenau Extermination Camp, by Bendel
Auschwitz: The Gas Chamber, by Litwinska
Holocaust Testimony
Photo of Adolph Eichmann (taken in 1940)
Photo of Reinhardt Heydrich (taken in 1942)
Film Documentary on the Rape of Nanjing
Painting of the Rape of Nanjing, from the Nanjing Holocaust Museum
The Making of a Monster, by di Giovanni
Yugoslavian War Crime Tribunal articles

"Justice and the Killing Fields," The Economist
International Law, by Friedman
Twenty-Two Crimes Under the Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
International Law and Crimes of the State
Synanon, drawn from Ofshe
Problems in Prosecuting Organized Crime
A Review of Deterring Corporate Crime, by Simpson and Koper
INTERPOL, by Imhoff and Butler  
Meeting the Challenge of Transnational Crime, by Finckenauer
Asset Forfeiture Through Illegal Drug Trafficking Taxes, by Laver and Denigro  
A Review of, "The Politics and Economics of Organized Crime," by Alexander and Caiden
The Activities and Personnel of Twenty-First Century Organized Crime, by Moore