Awards FAQ

Who should apply/participate?

All chapters are encouraged to participate. Chapters will be recognized annually at the Greek Awards Night. Chapters who achieve “Chapter of Integrity” will be additionally recognized at Franco’s List in the fall. Chapters who are awarded “Chapter of Integrity” will be noted as such on the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life webpage.

How do I apply/participate?

Each building block is applied for with a separate application in addition to the application cover. Chapters will be allowed to save and resume their work at a later time. The link to each application form can be found above in the “Application Process” section of this explanation packet. Chapters will be asked to submit documentation for each component. It is encouraged to add information to your application as the year progresses rather than waiting to complete the application in one sitting at the end of the calendar year.

How do I access my application after I have logged out?

You will need to use the link that was generated when you saved your initial work. If you have lost the original link, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to obtain a new link. You will need to provide your chapter affiliation, and which application form you are wishing to recover a link for.

When should I start working on this?

It is suggested that you begin working on this as soon as possible. By completing the application and submitting documentation as events occur, it will make completing the application and reviewing it at the end of the calendar year much shorter and more manageable than if you waited to complete all building block applications at the end of the calendar year.

How does a chapter verify participation in a program or activity?

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life allows for numerous types of evidence to be provided, demonstrating the chapter preformed the indicated activity in the building block category. The chapter can attach documentation electronically. It is suggested that sufficient documentation is provided to demonstrate the organization met the requirement of the category.

All files should be uploaded electronically and in the appropriate area. Please use corresponding file labeling as needed.

Which chapter officer should complete the Chapters of Integrity and Community Excellence Awards? Who is responsible?

Whichever chapter officer the chapter deems fit. Frequently, organizations will ask awards chairs or presidents to complete the awards as they are familiar with the programming and activities of the chapter. It is encouraged that the officer completing the award packet be the serving officer during the calendar year that the documentation was collected. For example, if a chapter chooses the president to complete the application for the 2015 calendar year, the president who served their term during the 2015 calendar year would be most appropriate since they are the most familiar with the chapter’s operations during that calendar year. Collaboration is encouraged to complete the awards applications.

What is needed for my chapter’s application to be considered complete?

In order for your chapter’s application to be considered complete, the chapter must submit the application cover, including the contact information for the point person for each building block application, and each corresponding building block application and its supplemental documentation. Please note that just submitting an application will not guarantee that your chapter will be recognized. To be recognized a chapter must meet the predetermined benchmark.