Interfraternity Council


The IFC community's foremost focus is academic achievement. The University proudly recognizes that the all fraternity GPA is consistently above the all-men's GPA

Spring 2022:

  • All UNL Male GPA: 3.160
  • All Non-Greek Males GPA: 3.168
  • All Greek Male GPA: 3.266

To see previous community academic achievements and chapter records please view our Semester Reports.


Fraternity life will provide you with a variety of leadership opportunities and ways to stay involved. You can participate in fraternity governance as a chapter officer or by serving on one of the committees each chapter maintains. Additional opportunities exist for becoming involved on campus through the Interfraternity Council or various Greek letter honor societies. In addition, there are more than 500 student organizations at UNL, many with fraternity men actively involved as members and officers. Fraternities encourage these leadership experiences and you will find them to be an integral part of a well-rounded education and collegiate experience.

Fraternities have a long and prosperous history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. All 28 IFC fraternities at UNL are nationally recognized chapters and many bring home merit awards from their national conventions in the areas of leadership, philanthropy and communication. Lincoln, Nebraska is also home to many alumni of fraternity life providing mentorship for chapter members and officers. Also, many professors and members of the university staff are also alumni of the Greek community.

The Right Frame of Mind

It is unique when students from diverse backgrounds can find common ground to work together through membership. Whether in the classroom, intramural athletics, chapter projects, or university competitions, members are always willing to help each other reach a common goal. Chapter diversity allows every member to be himself, and it gives every member a chance to learn from someone a little different from themselves. Being a member of an IFC fraternity allows members to experience contributing to the greater good and being a part of an organization that is truly bigger than oneself.


As a member of a fraternity or sorority you will have the opportunity to give back to the UNL campus and the greater Lincoln community. Our fraternities have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to their philanthropic partners and performed hundreds of thousands of service hours for the local community. There isn’t a better community at UNL than an IFC fraternity to make an impact on the community around you.

Not only is the IFC community serving both UNL and the local Lincoln community, they are also serving countries outside of the United States on mission trips and alternative break opportunities.


At a university as large as UNL, the Greek community will provide you with a valuable network of support not found in other student organizations or living communities. The Greek community helps foster a degree of friendship that will grow during your college experience and last a lifetime.

Brotherhood is bringing together a large, diverse group of young men in daily living, scholastics, athletics, social interactions and community service. From the moment you join, you will begin to experience what brotherhood is all about.

Value of Fraternity Life

Average cost of living in a UNL fraternity house: $9,500 (includes meals)*
*Cost Average for the 2022-2023 school year.

Average Chapter Capacity 70
Average Room & Board $9,500
Average Live-Out Fee $1,800
Average Security Deposit $250
Average New Member Fees $395