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Fraternity and sorority members talk outside of union

Fraternity Recruitment Registration Fall 2019

To participate in the fraternity recruitment process, please complete the Registration form. . While there is no deadline for fraternity recruitment applications, in order to have the best opportunity to visit with a number of chapters, your application should be completed as soon as possible. Fraternities may begin to offer bids for membership for a Fall class starting May 5th, 2019.



As a member of the Nebraska Greek community you’re making a lifelong investment in bettering yourself and those around you. As a Nebraska Greek, you’ll surround yourself with a collection of diverse students connected by their dedication to four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and friendship. Nebraska Greeks lean on one another and encourage positive personal and professional development throughout college, and come together to help change the lives of those in their communities. Through empowering one another, they create strong relationships and encourage one another to reach their highest potential.