Why Go Greek

Our community is built upon high ideals that guide the sorority/fraternity experience at UNL. Through these ideals our community is enhancing the collegiate experience and producing women and men of character. For those of you who may be debating on whether or not to join a sorority/fraternity, all you really need to do is to review our community's record of excellence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the decision should be easy.

Scholarship Providing a network of academic support and accountability.

Good scholarship is a prerequisite for membership. Individual chapters devote programming to support scholastic achievement and recognize individual’s accomplishments. Chapter members provide support through designated study hours, peer mentors, workshops, etc. Chapters with living units on campus provide a comprehensive learning community that stresses academic success and personal development. In addition to all of the resources and facilities available on campus, chapters with living units have comfortable areas to study, computer labs with high-speed internet, designated quiet hours, and test aids. Academic achievement is tradition within the sorority/fraternity community; Greeks are consistently achieving higher grade point averages than their non-Greek peers both at UNL and nationally. Chapters may also provide scholarship funding based upon academic achievement and chapter involvement.

Leadership Building future leaders who will make a difference in the lives of others.

All sororities/fraternities are self-governed organizations that provide a multitude of leadership opportunities for their members. The leadership positions held within a sorority/fraternity provide graduates with opportunities that allow them to demonstrate their leadership and communication abilities desired in today’s workforce. Members of the sorority/fraternity community are some of the most active students on campus, they hold over 90% of all student leadership positions on campus. You can find them as student government (ASUN) leaders, athletes, members of other student organizations and leaders in the local community. Every chapter strives to help their members become exceptional student leaders and invaluable assets to our local community.

Service Creating individuals who are civic minded.

One of the most rewarding experiences of being in a sorority/fraternity is giving back to the community through time, talents or treasures. Each year our community contributes thousands of dollars through philanthropic efforts and thousands of hours of service to both local and national charities/non-profit organizations. Chapters sponsor service projects, fundraisers, and initiatives that impact the university and Lincoln community. These opportunities foster unity and a sense of community among chapters and those they serve.

Community Creating a sense of belonging.

Sororities/Fraternities were founded on the ideals of sisterhood and brotherhood. The relationships formed while in college will last a lifetime. Membership in a sorority/fraternity paves the way for long-lasting friendships and developing a sense of community. UNL is a large campus with a diverse student body and the Greek community at UNL helps its members to make this large campus to be a more intimate experience and become important parts of the campus community.

In addition to our community’s pillars, the building blocks of integrity serve as a foundation and catalyst for our efforts and beliefs. The building blocks of integrity are a university wide initiative used to promote good character and recognize individuals who are demonstrating what it means to be a true Husker.

Caring Feeling actively interested or concerned

Caring means investing your time and interest, in essence, sharing your most valuable assets.

Citizenship Engaging in service and community.

Citizenship is about being active and engaged in a greater community beyond one’s self.

Commitment Being faithful to a cause.

Commitment is a willingness to focus on and stay true to a cause or values regardless of the circumstances.

Dependability Following through on obligations.

Dependability is revealed through consistently delivering on expectations.

Open-mindedness Being willing to accept others’ ideas.

Open-mindedness starts with being willing to listen but truly lies within a capacity to accept ideas outside your own.

Respect Showing deference and esteem.

Respect means recognizing that someone or something has value and engaging it or them with that in mind.