When do I join a chapter?

There are opportunities for students to join Greek-letter organizations immediately. Fraternities, especially those with living units, begin recruiting students in mid-May. First-year men have the option of living in a fraternity chapter house. First-year women are required to live in a University residence hall, but may join a chapter during formal recruitment which occurs the week before classes begin. Most students pledging Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association fraternities and sororities will join before taking their first class. Multicultural (MGC) organizations and NPHC (historically African American organizations) have open recruitment periods (Intake process) that are determined by the specific organization. Specific requirements vary by organization. MGC and NPHC will individually announce their membership selection process during the semester.

What is Intake?

Intake is a process in which students interested in a specific National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organization go through to obtain membership. Each NPHC organization has a different Intake Process which is generally determined by their national corporate office. Each organization looks for specific qualifications in candidates that they must obtain before the application process begins. The goal of membership intake is to recruit, long-term, effective leaders into the chapter that will promote the building of a strong presence on a universities campus. There are three important components in the membership intake process for NPHC affiliate organizations. Generally, the intake process include:

  • Application Process and Interview
  • Orientation/Rush
  • An in-depth education program
  • Formal Initiation

What is the minimum GPA to be eligible for membership?

GPA prerequisites for membership may vary by organization, but UNL requires all students to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent to be eligible.

How will being Greek affect my grades?

Some students worry that the extra social events and responsibilities of being in a fraternity or sorority will interfere with their time for academics. Being Greek is a time commitment, but one of the core values of Greek life is academic excellence. Our chapters recognize the importance of a quality education and take pride in making it a priority.

Not all chapters have living units, where do their members live?

Chapters without living units have office space in the Nebraska Union and generally hold Monday night meetings on campus. Members live in University housing or off-campus.

How do I express interest before arriving at UNL?

Once you are admitted to the University, we encourage you to visit the UNL Greek webpage or Guidebook application. There is information on the webpage about each of our chapters where you can get additional information.

To inquire about IFC Fraternity recruitment, click here!
To apply for Panhellenic Sorority recruitment, click here!
Reminder applications are only open from May 15- July 15 with a registration fee of $100 due when application is filled out. Please Note: NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Why are my friends in PHA sororities not returning my calls?

We’re sure they still like you, but during the week of Fall Formal Recruitment there is no communication with sorority women except during scheduled recruitment events. Recruitment rules say it’s illegal for a member or chapter to contact you while you’re a potential new member. This is necessary for the recruitment process to remain fair and run smoothly.

What do I wear during PHA Sorority Recruitment?

Sorority recruitment days are long and hot! The attire during Fall Formal Recruitment begins casual and gets progressively dressier. More specific information on Sorority Fall Formal Recruitment will be mailed during the summer after the application closes. Fraternity recruitment is very casual. What you wear will depend on the activity you’ve been invited to attend. A pool party means swimsuit, sunscreen and flip flops. A BBQ probably means shorts and shirts. If you have questions, the chapter recruitment chair can tell you what’s appropriate.

What is a recommendation?

A recommendation is an introduction and brief description of a young man or woman interested in joining a Greek organization, written by a chapter’s alumnus or alumnae who has first-hand knowledge of the recommendations for potential members. Having a recommendation can be beneficial for a potential member but does not guarantee an invitation to join that chapter.

What do I wear during IFC Fraternity Recruitment?

Fraternity recruitment is very casual. What you wear will depend on the activity you’ve been invited to attend. A pool party means swimsuit, sunscreen and flip flops. A BBQ probably means shorts and shirts. If you have questions, the chapter recruitment chair can tell you what’s appropriate.

I already submitted my housing contract, but I want to to through IFC fraternity recruitment. What do I do now?

Fraternities usually have room for incoming new members. If you join an organization that has a living facility and has room for you to move in right away, be sure to cancel your housing contract. The chapter may credit you for some or all of your forfeited deposit. You are encouraged to inquire with each of the groups about this possibility.

Is the UNL Greek community inclusive?

UNL Greek community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln includes students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expression. We are athletes, activists, performers, student leaders, and fraternity and sorority members. The fraternity and sorority community is a microcosm of all of the overall university population committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus. If you identify LGBTQA and are interested about learning more about membership, please contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office.

I am international student, can I join an organization?

Yes, international students can join Greek organizations. The Greek system is uniquely American, and often an unusual concept for international students. Fraternities and sororities are student organizations that have been part of the American college scene for more than two centuries. Being an international student in the Greek Community provides you a great way to meet other students and to be a part of uniquely American experience.

I am a college athlete, can I join a fraternity and sorority?

The simple answer is "Yes." Your athletic status should not be secret and most fraternity or sorority members may already know that about you. Be forthright about your rigorous schedule and obligated responsibilities and have it be something that they consider about your membership. You are not the first or last college student with a relatively inflexible and rigorous schedule. Being Greek will provide with a whole new set of friends and instant fans.

What if I join and It’s not the right fit? Can I leave?

New Members may decide to leave an organization at any point prior to initiation and still be eligible to join another group on campus. While members may also choose to disaffiliate after initiation, at this point you would be unable to join another fraternity or sorority. It is important to use the recruitment period to get to know about the gropus so you are certain about your decision and your fit in the group. The new member education process will also provide you with an opportunity to make sure you are ready to make a life-long commitment to the organization.