Panhellenic Primary Recruitment

Primary Recruitment

The 2020 Panhellenic Primary Recruitment period will take place in the first few weeks of the fall semester. More details to come about the specific schedule.

Registration opens June 1, 2020 closes August 14, 2020.
Primary recruitment applicants should apply online by clicking here, only after they have received their final spring 2020 cumulative GPA or final high school GPA. Further directions can be found on the application website.


Greek Life Orientation (GLO)

On Monday, prior to events at chapter houses, women who are interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority will attend Greek Life Orientation (GLO) with their recruitment guide group. GLO will serve as the official introduction to the Panhellenic Community and is mandatory for all women registered for Primary Recruitment. GLO will also serve to educate incoming students about institutional policy, as well as ways to acclimate to college life.

Orientation photo

Open House Round

On Monday and Tuesday, you will visit all 16 sororities and meet with some of the Panhellenic executives. These are introductory days, giving you an opportunity to meet each chapter. Each event is 20 minutes long

Do Wear

Your recruitment t-shirt with jeans, shorts, or a skirt and comfortable shoes.


Philanthropy Round

On Wednesday, you may visit a maximum of ten chapters. You will meet members and learn the history and focus of each sorority. Each event is 30 minutes long. Lunch and dinner are provided. This day is semi-casual.

Do Wear

A skirt, capris, casual sundress, or pants and a nice shirt, and comfortable shoes (flats or sandals).


round 1 photo

round 1 photo

Sisterhood Round

On Thursday, you may visit a maximum of six chapters. You will see the individual personalities of each chapter beginning to emerge, plus you will have a chance to tour each living unit, if applicable. Each event is 45 minutes long.

Do Wear

A sundress, skirt, or pant outfit, and comfortable shoes (flats, sandals, or a kitten heel).


Preference Round

On Friday, you may visit a maximum of two chapters. During these events, you should begin to see familiar faces and feel a bond with the women around you. You will spend more time at each chapter with 60-minute long events. Following the final event, you will make your membership selection.

Do Wear

A nice dress and comfortable shoes.


round 2 photo

Orientation photo

Bid Day!

On Saturday, potential prospective members will receive invitations to membership. You will also learn the chapter affiliation of your recruitment guide and the Panhellenic executive board.

Do Wear

A t-shirt or tank top, jeans, shorts, skirt, or capris, and comfortable shoes. New members will receive a t-shirt or tank top from their new chapter, so wear something you can slip the new t-shirt/tank over easily