Panhellenic Recruitment Contact Guidelines

Promotion of the Sorority Experience

Positive Panhellenic Contact (2003) – POLICY All College Panhellenics and Alumnae Panhellenics will promote personal and informative Panhellenic-spirited contact with potential new members at all times, year-round.

Promotion of the Sorority Experience (2020) – POLICY All sorority women including collegians, alumnae, College Panhellenics, Alumnae Panhellenics, inter/national organizations and the National Panhellenic Conference should actively promote the overall sorority experience and membership opportunities in organizations. This should be done through all forms of communication (e.g., print, digital, in person) in the spirit of Panhellenic unity and desire to reach out to all women to share the opportunity for sorority membership. College and Alumnae Panhellenic rules should not infringe on the rights of individuals, chapters and/or organizations in the content or forms of communication to promote the sorority experience.


A recommendation is an introduction and brief description of a potential new member interested in recruitment to a chapter on campus. Each organization has their own policies around who can submit a recommendation and the process of sharing that information with the chapter. Some organizations no longer accept recommendations. Our best advice is to look on the inter/national organization's website to find more information about specific policies about recommendations. Please note, having a recommendation does not guarantee that a potential member will receive an invitation or bid from that organization. Recommendations should be sent directly to the chapter, who the recommender is associated with. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life does not collect this information.

Questions, comments, concerns

If you have questions, please call the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: (402) 472-2582.