Circle of Sisterhood

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Panhellenic Association is one of over 160 campuses supporting the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. As the largest women-only student organization we understand the global issues affecting women and the critical need to help girls achieve education around the world.

Sorority women are one of the largest, identifiable communities of college educated women in the world! Not even seven percent of the world earns a college degree and two-thirds of all illiterate adults in the world are women, we find it our responsibility to help girls go to school.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Panhellenic Association raises funds to support the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. Funds are raised by dress down dinners/meetings and by partnering with different restaurants in the Lincoln area where a portion of the proceeds will benefit Circle of Sisterhood. Additionally, an awareness week will be hosted each year to raise funds and educate the Panhellenic Community on the council's philanthropic effort.

If you want to learn more about the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation please visit their website.