Members of NPHC organizations
Interest Form

The preparation period preceding initiation is referred to as the Membership Intake Program (MIP). Some organizations accept second semester freshman with at least 12 credit hours from UNL. However, it is highly recommended that students wait until their sophomore year to pursue membership in an NPHC affiliate organization. Many organizations require potential members to be actively involved on campus and in the community. All NPHC affiliated organizations have adopted Anti-Hazing Policy to ensure that membership into the respective organizations is a non-threatening and supportive experience. Each NPHC affiliate organization holds formal informationals throughout the academic year.

All individuals who are interested in joining an NPHC organization must attend a Black Greek 101 Seminar. This is the first step in the membership intake process. By attending the seminar are eligible to participate in the intake process by the institution. The seminar will be valid for (1) calendar year. This seminar is held (3) three times each semester.