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February 15, 2022

Update 2/18/2022: During a meeting with residents of UNL's family housing,
Chancellor Green confirmed that the June 30th move out date was "off the table".
- GSA EVP Donesky

Students in UNL family housing were notified Friday of UNL’s intent to close those properties no later than June 30th, 2022. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Officers have been able to meet with Student Affairs, affected residents, various administrators, and Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) Executives. As of Tuesday afternoon, an email was sent to stakeholders stating that the decision to close these properties is on pause.

Going forward, please know that GSA and ASUN have been invited to be involved in dialog between stakeholders and those making this decision.

We realize this is an issue that affects students on a personal level, not just monetarily, and we ask for your patience and support as we continue advocating for healthy discourse and tangible solutions.

The GSA Officers
Eric Rodene, President
Andrew Donesky, Executive Vice President
Katie Mowat, Vice President of Student Affairs
Venn Jemkur, Vice President of Representation
Abigail Herzfeld, Vice President of Finance

ASUN Executives
Batool Ibrahim, President
Taylor Jarvis, Internal Vice
President Patrick Baker, External Vice President

*Outside news reports such as this Editorial from the Journal Star may help provide some background.

February 8, 2022 ❖ At the February meeting of the GSA General Assembly, GSA EVP Andrew Donesky and Academic Affairs Committee Chair Faiza Hafeez presented the results of a study they recently conducted on graduate student compensation levels across the Big 10. Here are the original PowerPoint and Excel sheet from the presentation.

Using publicly available data, the study considers both minimum stipend levels and minimum total compensation packages offered to graduate students by each of the fourteen Big 10 institutions. Total compensation refers to the net benefit provided to the graduate student by the university; for instance, tuition remission and health insurance benefits count toward total compensation, while student fees count against. In both categories, the study finds that UNL is at or near the bottom of the Big 10, even when figures are normalized to reflect the cost of living in Lancaster County. For instance, see below for a comparison of normalized total compensation packages:

Normalized Total Compensation

and for normalized pre-tax stipends:

Normalized Total Compensation

It should be stressed that these figures reflect only minimum stipend levels set by the universities. Many departments at UNL offer stipend levels above the university minimum. To better understand the stipend landscape at UNL, at the February meeting General Assembly passed GSA Bill #5, which requires GSA representatives to request information on stipend levels from their respective departments.