Department/Program Principal Representative Alternate Representative Committee Assignment

Accountancy (School of)

Jianwei (Tony) Li
Actuarial Science (Master of Science in) Daniel Fernandez
Agricultural Economics Paloch Suchato   
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Kate McCain Nick Knopik
Agronomy and Horticulture Manny Saluja Eric Rodene
Animal Science Erin Duffy
Applied Science (Master of)  
Architectural Engineering and Construction (Durham School of) Mohd-Eslam Dahdolan
Architecture (Master of)
Architecture (Master of Science in)
Art, Art History and Design (School of)
Audiology (Clinical Doctor of)/Speech-Language Pathology (Master of Science in)
Biochemistry Vincent Perez 
Biological Sciences (School of)
Biological Systems Engineering  Rupinder Sandhu
Biomedical Engineering (Program in)

Business Administration (Master of/Master of Arts in)

James Trey
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Nadia Intan
Chemistry Anna Diepenbrock Richard Bell
Child, Youth and Family Studies

Civil Engineering

Shahab Karimifard
Communication Studies Lucas Heckenberg
Community and Regional Planning (Master of)
Computer Science and Engineering
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Haeli Leighty Ipsita Mitra
Economics Asley Erag William Steward
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology Steven Svoboda
Electrical and Computer Engineering Cameron Entzminger
Entomology Kayla Mollet Molly Darlington
Environmental Engineering (Master of Science in)
Food Science and Technology CarlyRain Adams Caroline Smith
History Jayne Kinney
Interdepartmental Nutrition (Program) Tony Juritsch
Journalism and Mass Communications (College of) Chelsea Hampton

Law (College of)

Josh Waltjer
Marketing Shilpa Somraj
Materials Engineering (Program in)
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Luz Sotelo
Modern Languages and Literatures Devin Moulton Natalia Kammerer
Music (Glenn Korff School of) Jennifer Wassemiller Seth Fromal
Natural Resources (School of)
Nutrition and Health Sciences Joshua Keller
Philosophy Mark Selzer Chris Stratman
Physics and Astronomy Corbyn Mellinger
Plant Health (Doctor of) Jessica Walnut
Plant Pathology Emily Stine
Political Science Samantha Wiener
Psychology Ryan K. Thompson
Sociology Jennifer Andersen
Special Education and Communications Disorders
Survey Research and Methodology (Program in) Rachel Stenger Ezgi Ulusoy-Dogan
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design  
Theater and Film (Johnny Carson School of)
Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of) Natalie Allen Carolyn Hanish
Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (School of) Arun Saravanakumar

If there are any modifications to the above, the Graduate Chair or Departmental GSA President should inform the Vice President of Representation at at least one week before the next GSA meeting.

At-Large Representatives

At-large Representatives will be appointed for vacant department/program positions.

Department/Program At-large representative Committee Assignment

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

Carol L. Ott Schachti GTAP
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Luz Sotelo Diversity and Inclusion
Civil Engineering Noelle Atieno Mware Professional Development
Civil Engineering Shahab Karimifard Academic Affairs
Food Science and Technology Caroline Smith Social Events