Degree Program Representative Name Alternate Name
Accountancy Bret Sheeley
Actuarial Science Sutter Hill
Agricultural Economics Ishani Lal Sabrina Gulab
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication. Jenny Okoliko
Agronomy and Horticulture Jaspinder Singh Ali Loker
Animal Science Daniel Ahern Micah Most
Anthropology Gabrielle Mace
Applied Science, Masters
Architectural Engineering Samuel Underwood
Architecture Anna Headlee Keleigh Ketelhut
Art & Art History and Design, Carlie Antes Rebekah Brown
Biochemistry Zach Shomo 
Biological Sciences Sara Hopkins 
Biological Systems Engineering Twissa Mitra
Biomedical Engineering Connor Gee Benjamin Hage
Business Administration-MBA
Chemical and Biomolecular Eng Kaylee Alles
Chemistry Baba Yussif
Child, Youth & Family Studies Olivia Kennedy
Civil Engineering  Khalid Alkady
Communication Studies Amanda Brand
Community & Regional Planning Anna Headlee 
Computer Science & Engr
Construction Eng. & Management
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Sam Fleagle
Economics Ashley Erceg
Educational Administration Christa Rahl
Educational Psychology Kelley Wick 
Electrical & Computer Engineering Tim Carlsona
Electrical Engineering Anne Stratman
Engineering Education Research Yashin Brijmohan Anu Singh
Engineering Management
English Phillip Howells
Engr: Computer & Electronic Engr.
Entomology Jeffrey Cluever
Environmental Engineering Meredith Sutton
Food Science & Technology Jess Humphrey Marissa Behounek
History  Bryan Cooper Owens 
Journalism Chandra Traxler
Law Jordan Mason
Leadership Educ/Leadership Studies
Legal Studies
Management Brandon Fogel Izu Mbaraonye 
Marketing dept  Ece Baskol
Materials Engineering Wenqian Wu
Mathematics David Lieberman
Mechanical and materials Engineering Greg Acosta
Mechanical Eng. & Applied Mechanics Eng.
Modern Languages & Literatures Alex Claussen Lara Armenteros Garrido 
Music Alan Davis
Natural Resource Sciences Katie Campbell
Nutrition & Health Sciences Falah Rashoka
Philosophy Eunhong Lee
Physics and Astronomy
Plant Pathology Rosalba Rodriguez Pena
Political Science Lukasz Niparko 
Professional Program for Veterinary Medicine Tressa Reiner Macy Rasmussen
Psychology Meredith Cartwright
Sociology Grace Kelly
Spec Ed & Comm Disorders Jessica E. Schultz
Statistics Jayden Stack
Survey Research/Methodology
Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education Hector Palala Martinez Hamza Rfissa
Telecomm Eng/ECE Dept
Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design Jamie Taylor
Theatre Arts
Veterinary and Biomedical Sci/IBMS Ninaad Lasrado Mahima Rasquinha

If there are any modifications to the above, the Graduate Chair or Departmental GSA President should inform the Vice President of Representation at at least one week before the next GSA meeting.

At-Large Representatives

At-large Representatives will be appointed for vacant department/program positions.

Department/Program At-large representative Committee Assignment
Journalism and Mass Communications Margaret Nongo-Okojokwu

Biological Systems Engineering

Yi Xuen Tay