Department/Program Principal Representative Alternate Representative Committee Assignment

Accountancy (School of)

Bo Gao Professional Development
Actuarial Science (Master of Science in) Azam "Ellie" Nezam Quality of Life
Agricultural Economics Badri Khanal   Social Events
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Blaise Lanoha Professional Development
Agronomy and Horticulture Erika Sanchez-Betancourt Professional Development
Animal Science Kirby Krogstad Kyle McLain Academic Affairs
Anthropology Trent Carney GTAP
Applied Science (Master of)  
Architectural Engineering and Construction (Durham School of)
Architecture (Master of) Mariah Tobin
Architecture (Master of Science in)
Art, Art History and Design (School of) Amethyst Warrington Professional Development
Audiology (Clinical Doctor of)/Speech-Language Pathology (Master of Science in)
Biochemistry Timothy Hackett
Biological Sciences (School of) Natalia Guiterrez-Pinto Quality of Life
Biological Systems Engineering Agustin Olivo Professional Development
Biomedical Engineering (Program in) Albert Nguyen Ben Hage Diversity and Inclusion

Business Administration (Master of/Master of Arts in)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Youra Moeun Academic Affairs
Chemistry Natalia Vorobeva Fatema Bhinderwala Quality of Life
Child, Youth and Family Studies John Smith GTAP

Civil Engineering

Shahab Karimifard
Communication Studies Cassidy Taladay Jordan Johnson GTAP
Community and Regional Planning (Master of)
Computer Science and Engineering Adam Voshall Academic Affairs
Construction Engineering and Management Xavier Wood Professional Development
Geography Andrew Husa Diversity and Inclusion
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Haeli Leighty
Economics Ashley Ercreg Social Events
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology Raul Palacios Diversity and Inclusion
Electrical and Computer Engineering Cameron Entzminger
English Sydney Baty Academic Affairs
Entomology Jordan Reinders
Academic Affairs
Environmental Engineering (Master of Science in) Katie Mowat  GTAP
Food Science and Technology Isaac Rukundo Carmen Cano-Roca GTAP
History Mackenzie Hughes Social Events
Interdepartmental Nutrition (Program) Bikram Upadhyaya Harleen Kaur Quality of Life
Journalism and Mass Communications (College of) Andream Lim Kyleigh Ostendorf Social Events

Law (College of)

Josh Waltjer Academic Affairs
Management Haolin Fu GTAP
Marketing Carissa Harris Diversity and Inclusion
Materials Engineering (Program in) Wenqian Wu Social Events
Mathematics Catherine Godfrey Erica Musgrave Quality of Life
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Haipeng Zhang Sunadita Sarker Academic Affairs
Modern Languages and Literatures Christopher Etheredge Elliott Jacobson Quality of Life
Music (Glenn Korff School of) Seth Fromal
Natural Resources (School of) Galen Richards Professional Development
Philosophy Mark Selzer Diversity and Inclusion
Physics and Astronomy Colton Fruhling Social Eventsw
Plant Health (Doctor of) Amy Hauver
Plant Pathology Rosalba Rodriguez-Peña GTAP
Political Science Noelle Troutman Kyle Hull Quality of Life
Psychology Nick Harp Diversity and Inclusion
Sociology Maia Behrendt Diversity and Inclusion
Special Education and Communications Disorders Jessica Schultz Social Events
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Amy Tankersley GTAP
Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design  
Theater and Film (Johnny Carson School of)
Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of) Reilly Grealish Quality of Life
Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (School of) Ninaad Lasrado GTAP

If there are any modifications to the above, the Graduate Chair or Departmental GSA President should inform the Vice President of Representation at at least one week before the next GSA meeting.

At-Large Representatives

At-large Representatives will be appointed for vacant department/program positions.

Department/Program At-large representative Committee Assignment