Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David Henderson

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January 8, 2020

Dr. Henderson—professor, Department of Philosophy

What are your areas of specialization?
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences and Epistemology.

What professional organizations are you affiliated with?
The American Philosophical Association.

What made you choose Philosophy as your profession?
As I was finishing an MA in Political Science, it became clear to me that I was particularly interested in epistemological issues associated with the sciences generally. So, off I went.

What is your favorite course to teach and why?
Of course, I most like epistemology seminars with graduate students—as the joint exploration is delightful. Of course, one also gets this in other courses.

What are you currently researching?
I am bringing together a good range of my interests—looking at the literature in the social sciences on social norms, thinking of epistemic norms (including epistemic norms in the sciences) as social norms that facilitate cooperative inquiry in the production of a common good: stocks or reliable true beliefs.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 
Hiking and backpacking.