Philosophy hosts colloquium: "In Defense of Different Voices"

by Ellen Kratzer March 9, 2021

Join us March 12 at 3:30 p.m. as we welcome professors Helen Beebee and Anne-Marie McCallion, both of the University of Manchester, to discuss their recent paper “In Defense of Different Voices.” Beebee and McCallion will summarize and then hold discussion on the title paper. This colloquium will be a free, virtual event via Zoom. 

“In Defense of Different Voices” is a dialogue with Louise Antony’s position on the “Different Voices” (DV) model versus the “Perfect Storm” (PS) model. Beebee and McCallion argue that Antony’s conclusion—that DV should be abandoned, given PS’ higher social value—was based on a misunderstanding of “the feminist framework that she take to underpin DV.” Beebee and McCallion have reconceptualized DV in their paper and argue that “we should all agree that DV research should be actively pursued rather than abandoned.”  

Helen Beebee is Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy at University of Manchester. She is Chair of the Editorial Board for BSPS Open and Associate Editor of Journal of the American Philosophical Association. Her areas of interest in research include epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language.

Anne-Marie McCallion, of University of Manchester, as research interests in the history of philosophy and meta-philosophy as well as feminist epistemology. 

Contact Amy Peterson at for the Zoom link and a copy of the title paper.