ELT Selection and Registration

To determine if you need to take the ELT, read through the following descriptions and click on the link to register for the test if you qualify.

PIESL conducts language proficiency testing twice each semester using the Michigan State University English Language Test (ELT).  The ELT assesses a student's reading, writing, and listening ability.  Free ELT testing is provided to the following students:

Intensive English Program (IEP) and Conditionally Admitted UNL Undergraduate Students

Many new students to the Intensive English Program take the Michigan State University English Language Test (ELT) upon arrival for placement into IEP class levels.  This includes those who only want to study English (non-degree seeking) as well as those who have been conditionally admitted to the university as undergraduate students (degree-seeking).  In addition, some students who want to pursue graduate degrees at UNL take full-time IEP courses until they can meet the minium proficiency requirements for admission.  The full exam (all three sections) is required for these students.  Current IEP students can take the ELT at the end of each semester and be placed for the following semester according to their ELT score or classroom performance, whichever is higher.  Current IEP students may NOT take the ELT at the beginning of each semester; this exam is for new students only. 

Register for the full ELT exam

Fully-admitted UNL Undergraduate Students (CESL classes)

Undergraduate students who were fully-admitted into their degree programs on the basis of an ACT/SAT score or through US high school graduation are allowed to take the ELT prior to their first semester of enrollment to verify their initial placement into Credit for English as a Second Language (CESL) classes. Note this placement option is NOT available to students who were admitted based on a TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or previous ELT score.  The registration link for this exam will be sent directly to the students who qualify.  Students should contact the PIESL main office at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  

Graduate Students

Most fully-admitted graduate students are no longer required to take the ELT as of fall 2023. Some prospective graduate students may take the Michigan State University English Language Test (ELT) to demonstrate English proficiency at the request of the department to which they are applying.  These students will be notified by the College of Graduate Studies and can reach out directly to our department for testing dates and times.  Email us at: esl2@unl.edu. 

Sample ELT Questions:

You can review sample ELT questions by clicking here.