How to prepare for a lab session

In order to get the most out of your lab session, you need to prepare in advance. Follow these guidelines for best results:

1. Be punctual 

If you schedule an appointment online, please be on time. If you come during the walk-in hours, come with enough time for a full session. If you are late for a scheduled appointment, the consultants reserve the right to cancel. Please do not sign up for a session and then not attend. Doing so takes time away from other students who might have used the time period. If you cannot make a session for which you are registered, please contact the consultant in advance. Anyone who misses more than one registered session will not be allowed to register for additional sessions that semester. Please be respectful of the consultant's time.  

2. Be specific about the help you want

Tell the consultant why you are visiting and have specific questions prepared. In most cases, you should have already spent considerable time working or reflecting on the assignment in question and identified areas where you need assistance.

3. Bring all relevant materials

This may include your textbooks, laptop computer, lecture notes, assignments, writing drafts, and any hand-outs your instructors may have provided.

4. Do not expect your consultant to do your assignments

Consultants will help you improve your own work, but they will not simply edit your compositions, do your homework for you, or assist with take-home examinations.

5. Sign up for only one session at a time

This allows other students an opportunity to use the lab. If you finish your appointment and there are no other students registered after your time, the consultant may allow your session to continue. If you do sign up for concurrent sessions, the consultant reserves the right to cancel these additional sessions. Only your first appointment will be guaranteed. You will be notified by email when this happens.