ESL Support Lab

The Fall 2020 Support Lab will be conducted via Zoom starting August 24 and ending December 11.

The Lab Consultant is Tim Meadows. Send an email to to set up an appointment. 



The ESL Support Lab is a free service offered by Programs in English as a Second Language to all international students at the university who need language-related assistance. Our consultants are trained ESL professionals who take great satisfaction in helping students succeed in their courses. At the lab, students can get help with 

  • understanding homework or assigned projects from their ESL or academic classes
  • understanding difficult reading passages from their textbooks or other materials
  • brainstorming ideas for projects or formal essays 
  • revising formal essays
  • incorporating sources and properly citing them in their formal essays
  • improving grammar and vocabulary in their assignments

Guidelines for using the ESL Support Lab (please read before your first lab session)