The PIESL Advisor helps students be successful in the IEP an OEP programs. They help with setting goals, personal problems, communicating with professors and housing, understanding university and program rules, and connecting with others in the community.

The advisor has helped students to successfully move into full-time undergraduate and graduate studies at Nebraska. They have assisted in arrangements during a health crisis and monitored struggling students. Most days they spend clarifying information for students and helping students understand how to reach their academic goals.

Services include:

  • IEP/OEP promotion clarification
  • Monitoring of struggling students
  • Personal problem-solving assistance
  • Communication advice
  • Communication with professors
  • Setting and achieving academic goals
  • Monitoring and encouraging attendance
  • Information about the community
  • Presentations for cultural adjustment
  • Clarification about the university grading system
  • Coursework assistance
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Advice for academic skills for success

Natalie Baskin
PIESL Advisor
231 Louise Pound Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0349