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Who We Are

  • Established in the fall of 2000 under the NIH Institutional Development Award (IDeA) program.
  • Combines the expertise of Nebraska’s leading biomedical research institutions: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Creighton University.
  • Research programs focus on important viral diseases of humans, including HIV-1, Kaposi’s Sarcoma and herpes, as well as viruses within plants and animals.
  • Supported by the Center’s four core facilities: Flow Cytometry, Proteomics, Microscopy, and Bioinformatics.
  • Faculty engage in mentoring young scientists and students from the U.S. and abroad and seek to attract more researchers to Nebraska.

Welcome to the Nebraska Center for Virology

Established in the fall of 2000 under the NIH Institutional Development Award (IDeA) program, the Nebraska Center for Virology combines the expertise of leading researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Creighton University. Our research (below) focuses on virus found in humans, plants, animals, and the environment.  We are value mentoring and are actively recruiting scientists (especially postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students) including through NIH-sponsored training programs and with home departments (and research goals) in diverse areas. For more information, please reach out to individual faculty directly or see our recruitment page for more information. 

Events and News

24 th Annual Prem S. Paul Virology Symposium September 27th at Student Union Auditorium, flyer here

New publications in 2024!
Cell Fractionation and the Identification of Host Proteins Involved in Plant-Virus Interactions