Graduate & Postdoctoral Researchers

The Nebraska Center for Virology focuses on the pathogenesis of viral diseases of humans, animals, and plants, including viral oncology. Our goal is to develop junior scientists and investigators who are well grounded in the fundamental knowledge of virology and laboratory research, preparing them for careers at universities and in industry to confront current and future viral infectious diseases. Our faculty preceptors are experienced researchers from the University of Nebraska. We provide Graduate Research Assistantships funded by individual faculty grants. The primary objective of the NCV program is to prepare individuals with exceptional academic credentials and potential, for careers that have a significant impact on the Nation's biomedical research agenda. Please contact individual Morrison Faculty about postion and funding availability. 

Graduate Student Directory  |  Advisor

Graduate Student Directory  |  Advisor

Dr.Eric Weaver (Faculty Advisor)

Erika Petro-Turnquist

Nicholas Jeanjaquet

Matt Pekarek

Dr. Peter Angeletti (Faculty Advisor)

Ken Kugel

Dr. Qingsheng Li (Faculty Advisor)

Yilun Cheng

Saroj-Chandra Lohani

Jackson Chen

K M Main Uddin

Dr. Hiep Vu (Faculty Advisor)

Sushmita Kumari, Kassandra Durazo Martinez;

Dr. Forrest Kievit (Faculty Advisor)

Evan Curtis

Dr.Angela Pannier (Faculty Advisor)

Kari Heck, Luke Samuelson, Jamie Weerakkody, Tyler Miller,,,

Dr.Andrew Hamann (Faculty Advisor)

Jamie Weerakody

Dr.Asit K. Pattnaik (Faculty Advisor)

Kush K. Pandey

Dr.Jay Reddy (Faculty Advisor)

   Kirthuge Mone

   Mahima Rasquinha

   Meghna Sur

Dr.Shi-Hua Xiang (Faculty Advisor)

Josh Wiggins

Dr.Becky Wachs (Faculty Advisor)

Fei San Lee, Sydney Caparaso, Benjamin Gane, Adan Redwine, Kayla Ney

Fei San Lee <>; Sydney Caparaso <>; Benjamin Gane <>; Adan Redwine <>; Kayla Ney <>

Dr.Sathish Kumar Natarajan(Faculty Advisor)

Chandan Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Rebecca Wachs (Faculty Advisor)

Fei San Lee, Sydney Caparaso, Kayla Ney, Adan Redwine, Benjamin Ghane,,,,

Dr. Van Etten (Faculty Advisor)

Zeina Al-Ameeli

Dr. Hernan Garcia-Ruiz

Katherine LaTourrette; Eric Parperides;Amany Gomaa;;

Postdoctoral Directory  |  Advisor

Dr. Hiep Vu (Faculty advisor)

Jayesh Chaudhary

Dr.Shi-hua Xiang (Faculty advisor)

Leah Wang

Dr.Matt Wiebe (Faculty advisor)

Allie Krueger

Dr.Asit K. Pattnaik (Faculty advisor)

Bikash R. Sahoo

Dr.Nicole Iverson (Faculty advisor)

Omar Sadak

Dr.Qingsheng Li (Faculty advisor)

Miaoyun Zhao

Dr. Eric Weaver (Faculty advisor)

   Adthakorn Madapong


Dr.James (Jim) Van Etten (Faculty advisor)

Ahmed Esmael