Who We Are

Viruses are the simplest of biological systems, consisting only of protein and nucleic acid and incapable of reproducing themselves without a host. Yet viruses have made a huge impact on 20th century life, from their role as infectious agents in devastating diseases like smallpox and AIDS to their use as one of the key tools in the quest to decipher the workings of the gene. Virology research in Nebraska ranges across disciplines and into the frontiers of research, exploring the basic nature of viruses and their potential applications for diagnosis and control of diseases in plants, animals, and humans.

Our Vision

The NCV's aim is to establish a nationally recognized center for biomedical research excellence. The NCV will accomplish this by establishing an infrastructure that connects these three schools' (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Creighton University) excellent virology programs and drawing bright new investigators with similar research interests to Nebraska..

Our Purpose

The NCV's overall goal is to increase competence in biomedical essential virology areas by:

  • Creating a multi-disciplinary atmosphere that encourages cross-fertilization and the development of a new generation of inventive researchers with a thorough understanding of the entire subject of virology.
  • Creating collaborations between basic and clinical researchers working with human, animal, and potentially crucial plant systems with the unifying goal of elucidating viral pathogenesis and replication mechanisms. Understanding these basic processes will allow for the development of new vaccinations and therapeutic ways to combat disease.
  • Conducting ground-breaking research into infectious pathogens and the host responses that can result in pathological changes, particularly neuropathogenesis and apoptosis.

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