The Center for Great Plains Studies is a regional research and teaching program established in 1976 at the University of Nebraska. The mission of the Center is to foster study of the people and the environment of Great Plains.

  • A sparsely-populated region with highly variable weather set against grassy, rolling land, the Great Plains stretches westward from the Missouri River at Omaha and Kansas City to the Rocky Mountains, and northward from the Texas Panhandle into the Canadian Prairie Provinces.

  • The region invites inquiry into the relationships between its natural environment and the cultures brought to it by its various inhabitants, as scholars and residents work both to preserve healthy eco-systems and build thriving human communities.

The Center operates the Great Plains Art Museum, the Plains Humanities Alliance, undergraduate and graduate programs, various scholarly projects, and outreach programs; it publishes Great Plains Quarterly and Great Plains Research; it presents public lectures and interdisciplinary symposia.  Much of its work is accomplished by its Fellows and Associate Fellows.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors are Fellows of the Center who are elected by Fellows for three year terms. The Board consists of the Center Director and 12 elected Fellows. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or the Dean's representative serves as an ex officio, non-voting member. The Board of Governors provides advice to the Dean and the Center Director for the operation, program priorities, and budgetary
matters of the Center for Great Plains Studies.

2013-14 board: Mary Bomberger Brown, Christina Dando (UNO), Andrew Jewell, John McCarty (UNO), Priscilla Grew, Martha Shulski, Dennis Smith (UNO), John Bauer (UNK), Thomas Lynch, Lisa Pennisi, Susan Wunder

New members starting fall 2014: Maurice Godfrey (Munroe Meyer Institute of UNMC), Katrina Jagodinsky (History, UNL), Larkin Powell (School of Natural Resources, UNL), and Barbara Robins (English, UNO)

Map of the Great Plains

Great Plains Map