Who we are

Center Staff

Richard Edwards Director, Center for Great Plains Studies, Professor,
Department of Economics, College of Business Administration, Director's webpage
402-472-0602 redwards1@unl.edu
Charles Braithwaite Editor, Great Plains Quarterly Research Assistant Professor,
Center for Great Plains Studies and Department of Communication Studies,
faculty webpage
402-472-6178 cbraithwaite2@unl.edu
Rebecca Buller Instructor, Book Review Editor, Great Plains Quarterly and
Great Plains Research, faculty webpage
402-472-0602 rbuller2@unl.edu
Robert Diffendal. Jr. Professor Emeritus, Survey Division, School of Natural Resources, faculty webpage 402-472-5618 rfd@unl.edu
Sarah Giles Administrative Tech 402-472-0602 sgiles2@unl.edu
Gary Moulton Editor, Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Professor Emeritus, Department of History, faculty webpage
402-472-3237 gmoulton1@unl.edu
Melissa Marsh Journals Editorial Assistant, Great Plains Quarterly and Great Plains Research 402-472-9604 mmarsh13@unl.edu
Lisa Maupin Events Coordinator, Center for Great Plains Studies, UNL Arts & Sciences 402-472-3964 lmaupin2@unl.edu
Katie Nieland Assistant Director & Communications Coordinator 402-472-3965 knieland2@unl.edu
TBD Curatorial Assistant 402-472-3208 TBD
Melynda Seaton Curator/Museum Administrator 402-472-6220 melynda.seaton@unl.edu
Gary Willson Editor, Great Plains Research 402-472-6970 gwillson2@unl.edu
George Wolf Essay Editor, Great Plains Quarterly and Great Plains Research
Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of English
402-472-4368 gwolf1@unl.edu

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors are Fellows of the Center who are elected by Fellows for three year terms. The Board consists of the Center Director and 12 elected Fellows. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or the Dean's representative serves as an ex officio, non-voting member. The Board of Governors provides advice to the Dean and the Center Director for the operation, program priorities, and budgetary
matters of the Center for Great Plains Studies.

2014-15 board
Rodrigo Cantarero (UNL Community & Regional Planning)
Brian Wardlow (UNL School of Natural Resources)
Ramon Guerra (UNO English)
John Bauer (UNK Geography)
Thomas Lynch (UNL English)
Lisa Pennisi (UNL School of Natural Resources)
Brigitte Tenhumberg (UNL Biology)
Maurice Godfrey (UNMC Munroe Meyer Institute)
Katrina Jagodinsky (History, UNL)
Larkin Powell (UNL School of Natural Resources)
Peter Longo (UNK Economics)
Barbara Robins (UNO English)