Big Red Express Information

The 120+ active members of the ensemble will be divided into four color-coded 30-person units (red, black, white and gold). The Volleyball schedule will also be divided into four color-coded sections and assigned to each of the 30+-member units, so that each individual will be responsible for approximately one-fourth of the Big Red Express Volleyball performances. The Men's and Women's Basketball schedules will be divided into two sections and two 30+-member units will perform for each home game of the Basketball schedules. Individuals designated as Big Red Express subs will fill in when active members cannot attend a performance and should attend rehearsals. Rehearsals for the fall semester are on Tuesday evenings beginning on August 22nd. The time for the first rehearsal is 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in room 132 Westbrook Music Building.

Nebraska Fight Songs

Download your assigned part on the link below and memorize two Nebraska fight songs so that you will be prepared for the first rehearsal.

Play a recording of Dear Old Nebraska U (There Is No Place Like Nebraska).

Play a recording of Hail Varsity.

Big Red Express Uniform

Big Red Express members and subs must wear the designated band polo shirt, long black pants, and preferably, black shoes. The band polo shirt can be obtained from the Band Office at a minimal cost.

Instruments and Lockers

Submit the online Big Red Express Instrument or Locker request form to arrange for instrument and/or locker rental. You must be enrolled in BRE before you will be issued an instrument. These forms will be available later in the summer.