Marching Band Auditions

2023 First Round Auditions

First-round Cornhusker Marching Band brass, woodwind and twirler auditions will be 100% video submissions only. The percussion and color guard will audition in-person with a video option.

All members of the Cornhusker Marching Band must be enrolled as full-time University of Nebraska–Lincoln students and must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.000 or greater. Please add to your email contact list if you plan to submit an audition request form. This page contains a lot of information, so please scroll down to see audition requirements for each section of the band.

Check your spam folder if you have not received a response within two to three days after submitting an audition request. Contact us at if you have questions.

2024 audition dates and materials will be posted as they become available after the new year.

Video - Imagine Yourself in the Cornhusker Marching Band

Brass and Woodwind Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band saxophone player in Memorial Stadium.
Cornhusker Marching Band trumpet player in Memorial Stadium.

Brass and Woodwind Audition Requirements

Please note ALL marching band instruments are a mandatory rental. This is because the CMB has a matched set of instruments.

Brass and Woodwind audition videos will be accepted from February 13, 2023 through June 1, 2023. The brass and woodwind audition deadline was extended on May 9, 2023. We suggest that you do not wait until the deadline to submit your video. The brass and woodwind audition registration form will be available after the new year.

A brass and woodwind video audition submission must contain the following elements.

  • Short introduction of yourself.
  • Two octave major scale as follows:
  1. Trumpet: C scale (B-flat concert) to player's range
  2. Horn / Mellophone: F or G scale (B-flat or C-concert) to player's range
  3. Trombone / Baritone: F scale (G for treble clef Baritone)
  4. Tuba: F scale
  5. Tenor Saxophone: C scale (B-flat concert)
  6. Alto Saxophone: C scale (E-flat concert)
  7. Piccolo / Flute: F scale
  8. Clarinet: C scale (B-flat concert)
  • Play Dear Old Nebraska U (There Is No Place Like Nebraska) preferably from memory. See this page to download the music.

Brass and Woodwind Audition Procedure

  • All elements must be done in one continuous, un-edited take.
  • Your face, fingers, valves, keys, or slides must be visible at all times.
  • Save the file using your instrument and name, for example: Trumpet John Doe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The prepared solo requirement has been eliminated for 2023 to reduce video file size.
  • The recording of Dear Old Nebraska U (There is No Place Like Nebraska) is for preparation only. Do not record yourself playing along with that recording.
  • Students auditioning for piccolo and mellophone may play the audition on flute or French horn

Fight Song There Is No Place Like Nebraska



Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Trumpet I

Trumpet II

Trumpet III


Trombone I

Trombone II

Trombone III

Baritone (treble clef)

Baritone (bass clef)


You may play the recording of the fight song to help you prepare for the audition. Please note that this recording is the property of the university and may not be used for any other purpose without the express written permission of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Instructions for submitting video auditions will be sent to each candidate via email. Send an email to if you have questions or trouble uploading your video.

Percussion Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band snare line during pre-game.
Cornhusker Marching Band front ensemble.

2023 Percussion Auditions

Percussion audition dates and materials will be posted when the information is available.

In-person audition sessions will take place at Westbrook Music Building on the dates listed below. Note that we will follow current safety protocols and social-distancing guidelines. Other safety measures may also be taken and will be posted here or communicated via e-mail to all candidates. Candidates may choose to submit a video audition rather than participate in the in-person audition dates.

The 2023 Cornhusker Marching Band Percussion auditions have been completed.

Color Guard Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band color guard.

A video of the audition routine, involving both flag work and dance, will be sent via email to registered candidates. Candidates will be expected to learn the routine from the video on their own time prior to the audition date. There will be time built into the audition day schedule for specific questions regarding the routine. Candidates will also be expected to demonstrate basic flag fundamentals, marching and jazz run on the day of auditions. Please wear black, relatively form-fitting clothing so that body moves and position can be adequately evaluated. Candidates may use our equipment during the audition, however, we do not loan poles and silks for audition preparation prior to the audition date.

Video auditions are acceptable if an on-campus audition is impossible. A choreographed routine, involving both flag work and dance, will be sent via email to the candidate. The candidate will have approximately one week to prepare, record and send their video audition to the band staff. Please frame the camera so that both the hands and feet are visible at all times. Wear black, relatively form-fitting clothing so that body moves and position can be adequately evaluated. Performance videos are not accepted for color guard auditions.

The first-round 2023 Cornhusker Marching Band Color Guard auditions have been completed.

Twirler Auditions

Cornhusker Marching Band twirler.

Twirler candidates are expected to complete a single audition that takes place in the spring. We are looking for a twirler that is a versatile and exciting performer. We expect candidates to perform a routine utilizing more than one piece of equipment choreographed to your choice of music. Please vary the equipment among multiple baton, knives, hoops, etc. Fire batons are not allowed for this audition.

The 2023 Twirler auditions have been completed.