Concert Band Audition Information

All ensembles in the Glenn Korff School of Music are open to any UNL student and non-music majors are encouraged to participate. Some require an audition for membership, others do not. Some meet every semester, others do not. This page will help you navigate the system to design the ensemble experience that is best for you.

Things to know before you jump in

- When you find an ensemble that appeals to you, first check the schedule of classes to see if it fits in your schedule.

- All ensembles require registration for one credit hour in every semester of participation. For music majors and minors the rules surrounding registration can be pretty confusing. Check with your advisor and the Large Ensemble Policy to be sure you are enrolling in a way that syncs with your degree requirements. For non-music majors and minors, ensembles are likely to count as electives. Check with your advisor if you have questions.

- For ensembles that require an audition, the auditions take place in a predictable pattern. Auditions for Fall Semester ensembles take place in August just before classes begin. Auditions for Spring Semester ensembles take place in December, typically during the last week of classes. The exception to this pattern is the Cornhusker Marching Band. There are two rounds to its audition: the first is in May, and the second is in August. To learn the specific dates of any audition find the appropriate ensemble heading below.


Information pertaining to the Cornhusker Marching Band can be found here: Cornhusker Marching Band


Information pertaining to the Big Red Express can be found here: Big Red Express


- Campus Band meets in the spring semester only and does not require an audition. Simply register for the class as you would any other. If you have questions about the class, contact Professor Doug Bush:


- Symphonic Band meets in the fall and spring semesters. It follows a traditional concert band format that will be familiar to most. To learn more about the course, including how to become a member, contact Professor Tony Falcone:


- Wind Ensemble meets in the fall and spring semesters. Also known as the Ensemble Performance Lab, it follows a non-traditional format and requires an audition. More information will be posted here soon. If you have questions about the class, contact Dr. Carolyn Barber: