Criminal Justice Internships

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice has established internship opportunities with over 50 criminal justice agencies in the Lincoln area.  Whether your interest is in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, courts, law, juvenile services, victim services or other related areas, you will receive valuable experience and contacts in the field to enhance your career development.  You can apply three to six hours of CRIM 397-Criminal Justice Internship towards the 39 hour major area (fulfills the ACE 10 requirement). You may also be interested in an internship in a related area of study, for example, the Intelligence Community Scholar Program offers internships and has an amazing track record of getting students a job in the Intelligence Community. 

• Must be a Criminology and Criminal Justice major or minor. 
• A minimum of 75 credit hours completed before starting the internship.
• A minimum of 12 credit hours completed in Criminology and Criminal Justice before starting the internship.
• A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of the semester preceding the start of the internship.
Our current internship coordinator is Chris Eskridge (  Please contact him if you have questions regarding the requirements below after reading the syllabus:
  • Read Dr. Chris Eskridge's course syllabus and the internship manual at the below course website.
  • After you are accepted by an agency for an internship, email Chris Eskridge for the permission code to enroll in CRIM 397.
  • A minimum of 160 work hours must be applied to the internship during the semester (approximately 10-12 hours per week).
  • Work out an acceptable schedule with your agency supervisor.  
  • Provide your own transportation.
  • Keep a log of hours and activities to be turned in at the end of the semester to the internship coordinator.
  • Write a paper integrating your internship experience with what you learned in the classroom.
Application Process

Application forms are available online at:
Please complete the application form and rank order your top four choices of preferred agency placement.  Other internship options can be explored, but must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.  Turn in your application to the SCCJ office at Nebraska Hall 310 (see the form for the suspense dates).  After your application is processed, you will receive an email from the Internship Coordinator with further instructions for interviewing with an agency.  After you are accepted by an agency, you must email the Internship Coordinator for a permission code to enroll in CRIM 397, 3 credit hours.

Applications are due as follows: April 1 for fall internships, October 1 for spring internships, and February 1 for summer internships.

Internship Agency Work Descriptions

The following descriptions provide general information as to the agency roles and functions, and what kind of work in which an intern might be involved.  The actual work individual interns are assigned depends entirely upon situation and circumstance as they arise within the agencies at any given time.  For a current list of agencies offering internships, please go to the second page of the internship application form.

Community Corrections

Lancaster County Adult Drug Court

Interns are involved in assisting supervision officers with intensive supervision, drug testing, sitting in on drug court sessions, some data collection and computer work. 

Lancaster County Community Corrections

This internship exposes interns to the daily operations of the county court system and community corrections programming including screening, community service and pretrial diversion services.

Nebraska State Adult Parole

Interns are involved in revocation investigations, Parole Board hearings, interviewing parolees and some home visits.

Nebraska State Adult Probation

Interns are typically involved in interviewing defendants for PSI reports, supervision of probationers and will observe revocation proceedings.  Note: Additional application form required.  

Nebraska State Juvenile Probation

Interns are typically involved in interviewing juvenile defendants, observation of court proceedings and supervision of juvenile probationers. 

Nebraska State Probation Administration

Work with Nebraska Probation Administration to streamline probation operations throughout the state. 

United States Adult Probation

Interns are typically involved in interviewing federal defendants, assisting with reports, and observation of court proceedings. 

Institutional Corrections

Lancaster County Corrections

Interns are typically involved in booking, transport, control center activities, assisting the work release coordinator, etc.

Lincoln Correctional Center

Typically assist unit case worker in coordination and observation of  inmate activities, providing basic needs to inmates, inspections, disciplinary hearings.  Interns receive special training during the first few weeks.  Possible paid internship. 

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

Work on special projects.

Nebraska Diagnostic and Evaluation Unit (DEC)

Work with professional staff interviewing and compiling information on newly arrived legal offenders, assessing their needs for written reports and placement within the correctional system.  Possible paid internship.

Nebraska State Penitentiary

Interns will assist in maintaining security, supervise inmates, assist in caseload functions and assist with inmate orientation to housing unit.  Another opportunity may be possible with the Emergency Preparedness Program.  Possible paid internship.

Nebraska Work Release Center (CCCL)

Work with inmates in their initial steps for a graduated release through a systematic decrease in supervision and a corresponding increase in responsibility. Some inmates are assigned to a detail within the facility or on a park or roads crew or other work assignment in the community. Others participate on the work and/or educational release programs.

Seward County Detention Center

Interns are typically involved in booking, transport, control center activities, assisting the work release coordinator, etc.

Law Enforcement

FBI (Summer only, apply by September 15)

Compete nationally for the opportunity to work side-by-side with FBI employees at the Washington, D.C. area headquarters, or in field offices around the country. Highly competitive, but the FBI selects the most qualified candidates based on academic achievements, area of study, life/work experiences, and their current needs.  Internship is a 10-week, paid internship for college undergraduate and graduate students.  Normally applications are accepted late August to early October.  October through December applicants are reviewed, selected and interviewed.  In December, conditional job offers are extended and background investigations begin.  The summer internships start dates may vary.  Apply at:

Hall County Sheriff

Work on warrants, special projects ride-along with deputies, etc. 

Lancaster County Sheriff

Work on warrants, special projects, ride-along with deputies, etc.  Note: Additional application form required. 

Lincoln Police Department

Interns are assigned to a division such as Forgery, Technical Investigations, Youth Aid, Community Service, Records, Criminal Investigations, Liquor and Vice Inspections, etc.  Opportunity to ride-along with officers.  Note: Additional Lincoln Police Department application form required.  The Lincoln Police Department will review applications and make final selections.   LPD also offers a 10 week Citizen's Police Academy each spring; email for more information. 

Nebraska State Patrol

Interns are assigned to a division such as Criminal Identification, Criminal Investigations, Research & Planning, Drug Investigations, Carrier Enforcement, Traffic Training Academy K-9, Sex Offender Registry, Criminal Investigative Analysis, etc.  Note:  Additional State Patrol application form and resume is required.  The State Patrol will review applications and make final selections.

North Platte Police Department

Work on special projects, ride-along with officers, etc.

Omaha Police Department

Work on special projects, ride-along with officers, etc.

Seward Police Department

Work on warrants, special projects, ride-along with deputies, etc.

UNL Campus Police

Assist with special projects and have an opportunity for ride along.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

Interns assist Immigration Officers with citizenship and immigration fraud investigations.  Note: Early application is required because of background checks.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Summer only, apply by September 15)

Interns work in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis alongside I&A employees and support their mission activities in one of four mission areas: Analysis, Operations, Mission Readiness, or Information Technology. Note: Early application is required because of background checks and granting of a security clearance.  For more information, go to this DHS brochure, and to the DHS website:

U.S. Marshal’s Service

Interns are typically involved in transporting prisoners, office work, executing miscellaneous Federal District Court orders and attending court proceedings.  Note: Early application is required because of background checks.

York County Sheriff

Work on warrants, special projects, ride-along with deputies, etc.

Legal and Courts

Hall County Public Defender's Office

Assist attorneys with cases and attend court hearings.

Lancaster County Public Defender's Office

Interns work with the investigator to provide information to attorneys.  They will interview witnesses, write reports and may attend court.  At times, they may assist with court hearing docket call, filing motions, letters, etc. and witness interviews.

Legal Aid of Nebraska (Lincoln & Omaha Offices)

Assist attorneys with the preparation of criminal and civil cases for underprivileged citizens. 

Legislative Judiciary Committee (Spring term only)

Interns are involved in research related to proposed bills.

Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division

Interns handle consumer fraud complaints.  Act as a neutral mediator between consumers and businesses, and educate consumers.

Nebraska State Court Administrator

Interns are typically involved in court management research projects.  Past projects have included court workload reviews, sentencing guidelines, citizen’s handbook on courts, and retention of judges.

Office of Public Guardian, Nebraska Supreme Court

The Office of Public Guardian of the Nebraska Supreme Court is designed to serve as the guardian or conservator for an individual when no other alternative is available. In addition to providing the means of last resort as guardians or conservators for those situations where no family member or suitable individual is available, the Office of Public Guardian provides education, training, and support for volunteer and family guardians and conservators, and recruits individuals to serve as guardians and conservators for Nebraska’s vulnerable individuals.

Seward County Attorney's Office

Assist attorneys with cases and attend court hearings.

Victim Assistance

Friendship Home

Shelter for abused women and children.  Interns work as women’s advocate or children’s advocate.  Some involvement with support groups.  Note:  Includes 20 hours of training.

Lincoln Police Dept., Victim/Witness Unit

Contacting victims and witnesses regarding police and court actions, education on criminal justice processes, accompanying victims to court. 

Voices of Hope (Rape/Spouse Abuse Crisis Center)

(Formerly Rape/Spouse Abuse Crisis Center)  Working on crisis phone line giving   information to victims on resources available.  May work on special research projects.  Note:  Requires initial training. 

Youth/Juvenile Services

Cedars Youth Services

Work in programming with youth in residential treatment juvenile diversion services, teen court or the Freeway Station (a short-term placement for troubled youth - home setting).    Note: Additional application form required.

Center on Children, Families and the Law

The Center on Children, Families and the Law is a multi-disciplinary that seeks to enhance the well-being of children, youth, and families through   research, policy analysis, and community service.  Interns assist in the development of   training materials for child welfare and juvenile justice professionals who work for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center

The Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) serves as the focal point for intake, assessment, service referrals and case management.  The JAC functions to limit penetration of juveniles into the formal juvenile justice system.  Interns are trained to administer the assessment instruments, and after being trained, to carry a small caseload.   Interns also have the opportunity to be involved in community initiatives and interact with community service providers.

Juvenile Justice Institute

Work with juvenile justice agencies across the state to evaluate whether they are effective at deterring youth from the juvenile and criminal justice system.  The internship will require some hours to be completed at the JJI office and some at local agencies.  Students must have an acceptable driving record.  If travel is required, JJI will provide a vehicle.

Lancaster County Juvenile Diversion

Juvenile Diversion interns receive hands on experience and training  on all the various components of the programs and services provided.  Interns serve in an active role alongside staff working directly with clients and families including: the facilitation of intakes, assessment, case management, co-facilitation of educational groups, and teen court operations. 

Lancaster County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC)

The Lancaster County Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) serves youth between the ages of 15-18 youth with identified alcohol and/or drug problems. The JDC team monitors and works closely with the youth and family to address youth’s substance use and other related problems.  The JDC is a voluntary post adjudication program and youth are on a conditional release while in the program.

Nebraska Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services works with abused, neglected, dependent, and/or delinquent youth to ensure that they are placed into a permanent healthy and caring environment, help them heal, and keep them safe from future harm or maltreatment.          

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility (OMAHA)

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility (NCYF) is a maximum, medium and minimum security facility designed for youthful offenders from early adolescence to age 21 years.  Custody and Unit Management are major operational areas within the NCYF, with a focus on management, programming and discipline that protects staff, inmates and the public. Youthful offenders may apply to participate in community custody programs to include work detail, work release or education release.

Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association

Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association works with organizations statewide, serving as a general resource, and more specifically, providing training for those who work with youth and families.

Nebraska Juvenile Services Office

Assist Juvenile Service Officers in the supervision of juveniles who have become state wards.  Visitations at schools, group homes, correctional facilities and court hearings.   Note: Additional application form required.


Lincoln Fire Department

The main objective of the internship program is to introduce potential future fire service applicants to the functions and responsibilities of the Lincoln Fire and Rescue Department (LFR), and to allow LFR administrative staff to get to know potential future applicants.  Interns are tasked with work in the support divisions of LFR: administration, training, and logistics. Occasionally, interns cross paths with emergency responders but the intent of the internship program is not to respond to emergencies. Examples of intern tasks include but are not limited to: data entry, running errands for support staff, picking up automotive parts for maintenance personnel, delivering mail, painting, cleaning, taking still photos and video for training officers.

Nebraska Crime Commission

Interns are typically assigned a project that involves some data collection and analysis and report writing.  Usually contact with various correctional (Jail Standards) and law enforcement agencies.

Nebraska Department of Insurance, Fraud Division

Interns are involved with case file review, contacting insurance companies and complainants, gathering questions and accompanying investigator on interviews.  Research for anti-fraud presentations.

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

The student interns will be exposed to learning opportunities by working on tasks that are encountered by persons working in the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.  See

Nebraska State Ombudsman's Office

The Office of the Public Counsel (also known as the State Ombudsman's Office) is an independent complaint-handling office for the use of citizens who have complaints about the actions of administrative agencies of state government, that is, the bureaucracy of state government.  By investigating and resolving citizens' complaints relating to the actions of state administrative agencies, the Ombudsman's Office seeks not only to provide administrative justice to citizens who have been wronged by state agencies, but also to promote accountability in public administration.