Criminal Justice Internships

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice has established internship opportunities with over 50 criminal justice agencies in the Lincoln area.  Whether your interest is in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, courts, law, juvenile services, victim services or other related areas, you will receive valuable experience and contacts in the field to enhance your career development.  You can apply three to six hours of CRIM 397-Criminal Justice Internship towards the 39 hour major area (fulfills the ACE 10 requirement). You may also be interested in an internship in a related area of study, for example, the Intelligence Community Scholar Program offers internships and has an amazing track record of getting students a job in the Intelligence Community. 

• Must be a Criminology and Criminal Justice major or minor. 
• A minimum of 75 credit hours completed before starting the internship.
• A minimum of 12 credit hours completed in Criminology and Criminal Justice before starting the internship.
• A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of the semester preceding the start of the internship.
Our current internship coordinator is Chris Eskridge (  Please contact him if you have questions regarding the requirements below after reading the syllabus:
  • Read the course syllabus and the internship manual found on the course webpage.
  • After you are accepted by an agency for an internship, email Chris Eskridge for the permission code to enroll in CRIM 397.
  • A minimum of 160 work hours must be applied to the internship during the semester (approximately 10-12 hours per week).
  • Work out an acceptable schedule with your agency supervisor.  
  • Provide your own transportation.
  • Keep a log of hours and activities to be turned in at the end of the semester to the internship coordinator.
  • Write a paper integrating your internship experience with what you learned in the classroom.
Application Process

Application forms are available online at:
Please complete the application form and rank order your top four choices of preferred agency placement.  Other internship options can be explored, but must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.  Turn in your application to the SCCJ office at Nebraska Hall 310 (see the form for the suspense dates).  After your application is processed, you will receive an email from the Internship Coordinator with further instructions for interviewing with an agency.  After you are accepted by an agency, you must email the Internship Coordinator for a permission code to enroll in CRIM 397, 3 credit hours.

Applications are due as follows: April 1 for fall internships, October 1 for spring internships, and February 1 for summer internships.

Internship Agency Work Descriptions