Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice

A minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice is an excellent complement to many majors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The minor may be of particular interest to students majoring in the following areas:

  • Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry majors interested in crime lab work
  • Forensic Science majors interested in crime scene investigation
  • Family Science majors interested in working with youth in juvenile justice agencies
  • Fisheries and Wildlife majors interested in becoming conservation officers
  • Insect Science majors interested in forensic entomology
  • Journalism majors interested in crime reporting
  • Language majors considering national or global security positions
  • Pre-Law students majoring in any area may benefit from completing law courses and understanding the criminal justice system
  • Psychology majors interested in working in criminal justice agencies or considering advanced education in forensic psychology
  • Sociology majors interested in working in criminal justice agencies or criminology research


The requirements to earn a minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice will consist of a minimum of 18 credit hours to include CRIM 101 - Survey of Criminal Justice (3 credit hours), a minimum of two of the three CRIM 203 - Police and Society, CRIM 211 - Survey of Criminal Courts, CRIM 221 - Survey of Corrections (6 credit hours), and a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of upper level (300/400) criminology and criminal justice courses (excluding CRIM 300 Applied Statistics). An overall C average in courses applied to the minor is required and all courses must be taken for a letter grade (except CRIM 397 or CRIM 496). In addition, all nine credit hours of upper-division criminology and criminal justice course work must be taken in residence at the University of Nebraska.

Students interested in minoring in criminology and criminal justice should consult with their college academic advisor and process the appropriate form through their college Dean's office to declare the minor. Students may contact the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice for questions regarding the minor.