Undergraduate Research Through the UCARE Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

In Criminology and Criminal Justice, we take great pride in the quantity and quality of our research and scholarly activity at all levels.  As an undergraduate Criminology and Criminal Justice major, you have the opportunity to be actively engaged in research with a faculty mentor through the UCARE program.

UCARE supports UNL undergraduates to work one-on-one with faculty research advisors in research or creative activities.  The UCARE program solicits applications from eligible undergraduates for either academic year or summer awards.  Awards are competitively reviewed and funded each year and are not automatically renewed.

Benefits of becoming involved in research:

  • Gain skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication while also learning about how research is conducted in the fields of criminology and criminal justice.
  • Preparation for graduate school – conducting research as an undergraduate shows a potential graduate school you are capable of conducting research as a graduate student, balancing your coursework with the additional responsibilities of research, and understanding the importance of research within the fields of criminology and criminal justice.
  • Get to know and work with faculty who can serve as references for you in the future.


To apply or for more information on the UCARE program at UNL: