Graduate Degree Programs

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers 4 graduate degree programs on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus.  To maximize flexibility for professionals and adult learners, many graduate courses are offered both on campus and online.

Master of Arts 
The MA is for students considering research oriented positions or doctoral studies, and culminates in a thesis giving students the opportunity to engage in original research under the supervision of a faculty mentor.  The MA is a 30-hour program.

Master of Science 
The MS is a terminal degree for criminal justice professionals that includes coursework in criminology and criminal justice plus a cognate area.  It culminates in an applied capstone project.  The MS is a 36-hour program that can be completed on campus or online.  

Master of Science – Master of Social Work 
The dual MS-MSW program is specifically for professionals working in the criminal and juvenile justice systems who on a day-to-day basis work with individuals who have special needs in terms of substance use/abuse, mental health issues, and/or or their status as a victim or offender.  The MS-MSW is a 57-81 credit hour program.   

Doctorate of Philosophy 
The PhD is the highest degree in the discipline and it is for people seeking advanced research and academic careers.  The focus is on research, methodology, and writing skills.  The PhD consists of coursework, a comprehensive exam, and a dissertation, and is a 92-credit hour program.