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Congratulations to Britnee Hart and Zach Thornhill for competing in the National Forensics Association’s National Tournament and helping Nebraska debate team take third in the team competition – the best finish in school history!  Read the story here. 

Dr. Anderson Research UNO

UNO SCCJ Professor, Dr. Amy Anderson, and her colleagues, have been conducting research to find what is driving support and opposition to the death penalty. They found that age, race, politics, and religion influence opinions about the death penalty, but that these may not have the effect you expect.   


Our School provides opportunities for our students, staff and faculty to network with guest speakers as part of our State of the Agency Lecture Series hosted by one of our distinguished professors, Dr. Chris Eskridge.

We hope you enjoy these videos of our recent State of the Agency Lectures:

Liz Neely Director, Nebraska Bar Association and Richard Moberly, Dean, UNL College of Law, November 5, 2018

Bob Krist, Nebraska State Senator, October 8, 2018

Joe Nigro, Lancaster County Public Defender, September 19, 2018

Rosalyn Cotton, Chair, Nebraska Board of Parole, March 26, 2018

Col. John Buldoc, Superintendent, Nebraska State Patrol, March 14, 2018

Danielle Conrad, Executive Director of American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska, February 7, 2018

Director of Public Safety for Lincoln, Nebraska, Tom Casady, November 29, 2017

Editor of the Lincoln Journal Star, David Bundy, October 25, 2017

Senator Laura Ebke, Chair of the Nebraska Legislature's Judiciary Committee, September 20, 2017

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner, January 25, 2017

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, February 22, 2017

U.S. District Court Judge John Gerrard, April 17, 2017

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During the Fall 2016 semester, we had the following guest speakers as part of our State of the Agency Lecture Series.  The lecture videos are included below.

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister, September 21, 2016

Nebraska Chief Justice Mike Heavican, October 24, 2016

Chair, Nebraska Senate Judiciary Committe, Senator Les Seiler, December 7, 2016

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More information on the SCCJ's Fall 2016 Lecture Series 

HONORS AND AWARDS--Student Recognition

2017 Outstanding SCCJ Undergraduate Student Award

Morgan Padrnos, UNL (above left) and Brandon Flowers, UNO (above right).  Presenter is Dr. Todd Armstrong (above left).

Jeff Marshall Memorial Scholarship

Kelsey Anderson, UNL (above left).  Presenter is Dr. Samantha Clinkinbeard (above right).

2017 Nebraska Criminal Justice Education Fund Scholarship

Recipients are Quade Brees (UNL), Joshua Cline (UNL), Chayla Senff (UNO) and Molly Wirtz (UNO, above left).  Presenter is Dr. Samantha Clinkinbeard (above right).

2017 Wade and Alice Knapp Scholarship

Recipients in alphabetic order:  Samantha Epstein (UNO), Morgan Padrnos (UNL), Zurisadai Perez (UNL), Jacqueline Powers (UNO), Rachael Rief (UNO), Natasha Riggleman (UNL) and Katy Weir (UNO).  Also pictured are the donors, Wade and Alice Knapp.

2017 Wakefield London Study Abroad Award

From left to right: Alejandro Cardenas (UNO), Megan Carrick (UNO), Andrew Romero (UNO) and Mackenzie Ehrenfried (UNL) with Dr. Pauline Brennan (presenter).

2017 Webb Family Scholarship

Recipient is Benson Moul (UNL) (above left).  Presenter is Dr. Samantha Clinkinbeard.

Prior Year (2015-2016) SCCJ Student Awards and Scholarships (Lincoln recipients):

    Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award--Eric Connor
    Jeff Marshall Memorial Scholarship--Morgan Padrnos
    Webb Family Scholarship--Eric Connor
    Wakefield London Study Abroad Award--Maizie Sterling
    Wade and Alice Knapp Scholarship--Nicholas Burr and Patrick Kolvek

HONORS AND AWARDS--Faculty and Staff Recognition

2016 Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

 Dr. Amy Anderson, Criminology and Criminal Justice Professor (Dr. Anderson is previously pictured with outstanding student awardee).

 2016 Staff Excellence Research and Assessment Award

Awarded to Sommer Fousek, Program Coordinator, Juvenile Justice Institute (above right).  Presented by the JJI Director, Dr. Ann Hobbs (above left) who was selected in October 2016 as the Executive Counselor for the ACJS Juvenile Justice Section.

UNL Parents Association and Teaching Council Recognition for Contributions to Students

Diana Elias Student

Karen Fulton
2017-2018 Recipients are Diana Elias, CRCJ student (top) and Karen Fulton, Assistant Director for Academic and Student Affairs (bottom). This is Karen's seventh award.
Danny Madrid
2016-2017 Recipient Danny Madrid, graduate student and instructor.
Don Carey
2016-2017 Recipient Don Carey, adjunct instructor
2015-2016 Recipients are Diane Dannelly, Advisor (left), Dr. Joseph Schwartz (right) and Bene Shobe, Adjunct Instructor (not pictured).  Diane also received this award in 2014-2015.

2015 Office Professional of the Year Award

Barbara Homer in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice was presented with the Olive T. Ritchie Educational Office Professional of the Year Award.  The award was presented to her at the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) Annual Conference in Buffalo, New York on Friday, July 24, 2015.  Barbara became eligible for this award by winning the NEOPA’s (our state affiliate) Nebraska Educational Office Professional of the Year.

Congratulations Barbara, for winning these prestigious awards!

Barbara Homer (right) presented Educational Office Professional of the Year Award by Lola Young (left) at the NAEOP Conference