Research Independent Studies

Research Independent Study
(CRIM 495) 

Students who complete the Research Independent Study course will serve as student interns who engage in hands-on research alongside leading experts and evaluators in criminology and criminal justice. To prepare, students will complete ethical training and a short refresher course on research practices. A total of 156 hours will be spent on tasks including instrument development, subject recruitment, data collection and entry, data analysis, and codebook development. These activities will allow students to expand their knowledge base and advance research in the field. Upon completion of the internship, students will submit an essay detailing their experiences and insights as a Research Intern. Qualified students have access to opportunities in Lincoln and Omaha.  There are two, $500 scholarships for UNL students who complete the Research Independent Studies project. 

2021/2022 Academic Year Projects  


  • Evaluation of the juvenile reentry mentoring project 
    • This project pairs student mentors with youth leaving Nebraska Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers to help youth navigate reentry into the community. The intern will work with the Juvenile Justice Institute to assist with data collection and analysis.   
  • Evaluation of community-based aid for evidence-based state initiatives 
    • Evidence-based Nebraska supports many programs aimed at prevention and reduction of juvenile delinquency. The Juvenile Justice Institute requires an intern to assist with evaluation of these programs.  


  • Study of women’s pathways and experiences in law enforcement 
    • An intern will work with Dr. Sam Clinkinbeard to explore women’s motivations for entering law enforcement, their experiences with training and promotion, and methods to recruit and retain more women in policing. 
  • Assessment of a non-profit agency for at-risk youth 
    • UNO is leading an ongoing evaluation of a North Omaha non-profit organization that serves marginalized youth at risk of engaging in delinquency. An intern will assist Dr. Bill Wakefield and Dr. Scott Sasse with recruitment, data collection, and analysis to evaluate this program 


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