Jennifer Sinor

Jennifer Sinor earned her B.A. in English and Russian from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1991. As a student at Nebraska, she first published in Laurus. She earned her Ph.D. in English at the University of Michigan. Now a professor of English at Utah State University, Jennifer teaches creative writing and serves as Department Chair of Literature and Writing. She is the author of The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Writing, a book on her great, great, great aunt's diary that blends research and personal narrative. It was a finalist for the MLA First Book Award. As a creative nonfiction writer, she has written extensively about her experiences living in the West, as well as her military childhood. She has co-edited a collection of essays on place entitled Placing the Academy: Essays on Landscape, Work, and Identity. Her essays have appeared in many journals including The American ScholarFourth GenreBellingham ReviewThe Chronicle, and Ecotone. One of her most noteworthy accomplishments is the inclusion of her personal account, "Confluences," in the 13th edition of The Norton Reader series of non-fiction anthologies.

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