Digital Humanities Concentration

For Undergraduate English Majors

As an English major, you design your own concentration — a program of study based on your areas of interest, organized around a controlling theme or topic — with the help of your advisor. Below are some recommendations for students interested in this area.

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Recommended Courses

Recommended Experiences

Recommended Reading

Recommended Courses

  • Library
  • Alternative Academic (Digital Humanities Specialist)
  • Industry
  • Publishing
  • Internet Commerce

Professors to Know

Photo of Amanda Gailey; links to faculty profile

Amanda Gailey

Photo of Kenneth M. Price; links to faculty profile

Kenneth M. Price

  • Hillegass University Professor of American Literature, Co-Director of the Walt Whitman Archive and Co-Director of the Center for Digital Research in Humanities
  • (402) 472-0293
  • 336C Andrews Hall
Photo of Stephen Ramsay; links to faculty profile

Stephen Ramsay

  • Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of English
  • 303 Andrews Hall
Photo of Adrian S. Wisnicki; links to faculty profile

Adrian S. Wisnicki

Photo of Matt Cohen; links to faculty profile

Matt Cohen