Let curiosity move you to major or minor in English and Film Studies!



As an English major, you will not only study literature, but also engage with history, popular culture, digital media, and film. You’ll study genre and craft to write memoirs, essays, poems, stories, and scripts. You’ll develop critical thinking and analytical skills by exploring and responding to classic and contemporary literature. Discover the ways that culture impacts your understanding of yourself, others, and the world so that you can effect social and political change.

Join one of the most eclectic and diverse English departments in the Big Ten where you can dive deep into a number of interdisciplinary areas like medieval and renaissance studies, ethnic studies or digital humanities as well as more traditional, nationally-focused areas of research like American literature or British literature.


In the College of Arts and Sciences, we know experience is valuable and goes beyond the classroom. We strive to help you connect your academics with research, internships, education abroad, service learning and leadership experiences. Take advantage of opportunities in English such as:

  • Studying abroad at Oxford to learn about Shakespeare’s Dramatic Arts
  • Serving as an editor for Laurus, the student literary magazine
  • Interning with HSG Literary Agency in New York City
  • Researching Willa Cather in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
  • Volunteering with Nebraska Writer’s Collective


We encourage you to match intellectual interests with a meaningful career path. Take our orientation course on “Career Planning for English Majors” as well as other worthwhile, career-focused courses in editing and publishing and digital humanities. Let us take you “from words to worlds,” with career planning that goes beyond individual course assignments to include internships and other occupational experiences making your undergraduate experience enjoyable and you employable. Here are examples of recent graduates’ employment:

  • Assistant Director of Business / NEBRASKA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
  • Assistant Literary Agent / EMMA SWEENY AGENCY
  • Associate Acquisitions Editor / UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS
  • Copy Writer / GOHAGAN & CO.
  • Digital Archivist Photo Librarian / NEBRASKA GAME AND PARKS COMMISSION
  • English Teacher / PEACE CORPS
  • Managing Editorial Assistant / CROWN PUBLISHING, PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE

Film Studies


A major in film studies will enable you to examine and analyze classic and contemporary film through the lenses of history, theory, and practice. You’ll receive a solid foundation in the history of film and have the opportunity to screen and discuss specific film genres, directors, and cinematic traditions and movements. You’ll engage with various interpretations of culture, history, and world events as they unfold on screen. You can even write and develop your own film script.

At Nebraska, you’ll learn from some of the most prolific and renowned scholars of film in the United States. You’ll also have the opportunity to supplement your study of film with courses in popular culture, visual culture, communication studies, and new / emerging media.


In the College of Arts and Sciences, we know experience is valuable and goes beyond the classroom. We strive to help you connect your academics with research, internships, education abroad, service learning and leadership experiences. Take advantage of opportunities in film studies such as:

  • Studying abroad in Prague
  • Interning with Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France
  • Researching international cinema
  • Getting involved with the UNL Film Club
  • Volunteering with Humanities Nebraska


Career opportunities in this area are nearly unlimited and include: archival work at major studios and museums, publicity work, teaching film studies, reviewing and / or writing for newspapers and magazines, and screenwriting. These jobs are available on the local level, as well as in major metropolitan centers such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Here are examples of recent graduates’ internships and employment:

  • Assistant Professor / LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS
  • Associate Professor of Film Studies / YORK COLLEGE
  • Entertainment Reporter / OMAHA WORLD HERALD
  • Film Archivist / UCLA FILM AND TV ARCHIVE
  • Film Marketing Specialist / AMC THEATRES
  • Location Director / FOX AND CINEMAX
  • Producer / LORDS OF DOGTOWN
  • Production Manager / BUZZFEED MOTION PICTURES
  • Special Effects CGI Director / STEVEN SPIELBERG

English Major Concentrations

As an English or Film Studies major, you design your own concentration - a program of study based on your areas of interest, organized around a controlling theme or topic. If your interests span multiple disciplines, your concentration might even include a course from another department.

English at the University of Nebraska can be generally divided into six different research and teaching areas. Though your undergraduate concentration will be tailored to your specific interests, concentrations often fall within one or more of these areas.

Choosing a Concentration

To choose a concentration, contact the English & Film Studies Advising Office early in your program. In consultation with your academic advisor and faculty in your area of interest, you'll select four courses above the 299 level that fit your chosen theme or topic.

Wondering where to start? Take a look at these fact sheets from the Advising Office that highlight a number of popular concentrations: