How to Apply

Application steps

  1. Before you apply:
    • Determine whether you are eligible.
    • Review projects and mentors to identify your preferences and interests.
    • Secure two faculty recommenders and valid email addresses for them.
    • Compose and save your resume and the text for your short-answer questions.
    • Save an electronic (scanned) version of your transcript, which should include your name and the name of your institution. (Unofficial or student copies are acceptable for the application. Participants selected for the program may be asked to provide an official transcript later.)
    • Know your current GPA and number of earned hours.
  2. Complete the application form online.
  • We will automatically email your recommenders a unique link to your recommendation webform.

3. Check your application checklist periodically.

  • It will tell you the status of your required items.

Tips for a strong application

We receive between 1,200 and 1,500 applications each year and expect that number to continue growing, meaning it's important for an application to stand out and to make an impression on faculty reviewers. Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing your application.

Faculty reviewers are looking for applicants who:

  • Have a passion for the discipline
  • Show an interest in earning an advanced degree (Ph.D. or master's)
  • Bring diverse talents and skills to the research team

Strong applications include:

  • Evidence of high academic achievement and preparation to carry out research
  • Evidence of teamwork and independent problem-solving skills
  • Faculty recommendations from those who can speak about academic performance
  • Materials that are well-written and free of error