Faculty Recommendations

Two recommendations are needed to complete the Nebraska Summer Research Program application. You'll be asked to enter the email addresses of the two recommenders on the online application. Each will receive an email from graduate@unl.edu with a link to the online recommendation form. This email is sent immediately upon submission of the online application.

Before you apply

  • Secure two recommenders.
  • Get your recommenders' email addresses and confirm that they are correct.
  • Inform your recommenders that they will receive an email from graduate@unl.edu with a link to the online recommendation form, which uses numerical ratings and an assessment statement rather than a traditional "letter" of recommendation.
  • Inform your recommenders of the deadline that you are trying to meet. Be sure to allow them three to six weeks to prepare your recommendation.

After you apply

  • Check the status of your application to ensure that we receive both of your recommendations.
  • You'll be able to resend the recommendation request to your recommenders via your checklist portal.

More about recommendations

Request recommendations from someone who knows your academic work and can comment specifically on your academic performance, particularly in the fields of study related to your desired summer research program. In general, recommendations from professors carry more weight than student group advisers or work supervisors. However, a strong recommendation from someone who knows you well is best. Be sure to have a discussion about what type of recommendation the person is willing to provide before submitting his/her name on the online application.

It's also a good idea to visit with your recommenders to discuss the Nebraska Summer Research Program and your goals. Your recommenders can often help you shape your research interests and can provide feedback on other application materials. Provide your recommenders with a draft of your resume and remind them about a project or paper you completed in their class.