Peer Mentors

Group of twenty-one peer mentors.

You don't have to figure it out alone. The OASIS Peer Mentorship team is here to be a resource for you. For more information about getting connected to a peer mentor, or if you are interested in serving as a peer mentor, please contact OASIS, or you can find the application at https://unl.joinhandshake.com/emp/jobs/7560515

Meet the Mentor Leadership Team

portrait of Ra’Daniel Arvie

Ra’Daniel Arvie


Hi! I am Ra’Daniel Arvie, a senior Business Management major with an emphasis on Human Resource Management. I decided to become a peer mentor because I truly do see the importance of this program, and I enjoy the positive impact I am able to leave on my mentees. Every student deserves to have someone “in their corner” during their first year.

portrait of Sophia Deras

Sophia Deras


I am a senior Civil Engineering major with a minor in Geology. I decided to become a peer mentor because my mentor had such a positive impact on me as a Freshman. It's important every student has someone they can turn to, especially during the transition to college life.

portrait of Rukhshona Islamova

Rukhshona Islamova


Hi! My name is Rukhshona Islamova, and I'm a junior majoring in Journalism & ADPR and minoring in Design & Ethnic Studies. I wanted to become a peer mentor because I was a mentee during my freshmen year, and I had such a great time being a part of OASIS; I wanted to continue my journey.

portrait of Emmanuel Caliandro

Emmanuel Caliandro


Hello, my name’s Emmanuel Caliandro. I’m currently a junior (Class of 2023) with a Biological Sciences major with a Biochemistry and Mathematics minor going onto the Pre-Med track. I chose to be an OASIS peer mentor because I enjoy being a role model to others and helping those adjust to the UNL lifestyle.

Meet the Peer Mentors

portrait of Meklit Aga

Meklit Aga


I’m a third-year Psychology, Neuroscience option major with a minor in Child Youth & Family Studies. I decided to become a peer mentor because I want to help incoming college freshmen have a smooth transition. I want to support them through academics as well as campus involvement.

portrait of Sarah Argarin

Sarah Argarin


Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Argarin, and I'm a Fisheries and Wildlife major. For the school year of 2022-2023, I will be a sophomore here at UNL. I wanted to become a peer mentor with OASIS because my mentor had a huge effect on me and made the transition from high school to college much easier. This is something that I hope to do for my mentees that are coming into college.

portrait of Keanna Stanley

Keanna Stanley


My name is Keanna Stanley, and I'm in the class of 2025. I am majoring in Veterinary Sciences and minoring in Chemistry. I wanted to become a peer mentor to help guide and inspire incoming students. 

portrait of Kylee Ellison

Kylee Ellison


My name is Kylee, but I also go by K.J. I am double majoring in political science and global studies, and I am a sophomore set to graduate in May 2025. I wanted to be a Peer Mentor because I wanted to help students acclimate to their new college environment and to give them extra support where they need it.

portrait of Abraham Cervantes Garcia

Abraham Cervantes Garcia


I am Abraham Cervantes Garcia, an Electrical Engineering major in the 2025 class. I wanted to become a Peer Mentor because I have gotten a lot out of the program, and I want to help others benefit from the program as much as I have.

portrait of Noah Haidul

Noah Haidul


I am a second-year student majoring in accounting. The reason why I became a Peer Mentor is to help other new students on trying to get used to college life and trying to find a safe place for them. A fun fact about me is that I am color blind (deuteranopia).

portrait of Jay Williams

Jay Williams


My name is Jay Williams, and I will be a second-year student at UNL (class of 2025). I am a Psychology major on the Clinical Psychology track with minors in Sexuality Studies and Sociology. I decided to become a peer mentor to give back to OASIS for helping me through my first year of college and to pay it forward to other students who are entering college in the fall.

portrait of Kendra Marshall

Kendra Marshall


My name is Kendra Marshall. I am currently a sophomore studying Pre-Health with a focus on Nursing. I am very excited to be a peer mentor this year and am looking forward to helping others find what they need to be successful in their transition to college!

portrait of Jessie Nguyen

Jessie Nguyen


Hi! I’m Jessie Nguyen, and I wanted to become a peer mentor because I enjoyed the time I had in OASIS when I was an incoming student. I want to give back to the community and step out of my shell to develop new skills. I also wanted to meet new people and help create a welcoming college environment for new students.

portrait of Frieda Nomenyo

Frieda Nomenyo


Hi everyone. I'm Frieda Nomenyo, a senior double majoring in Political Science and Advertising and Public Relations. I decided to become a peer mentor because I had a fantastic peer mentor as an incoming freshman; I wanted to be a place of wisdom and solace, as mine did for me during the transition from high school to college.

portrait of Sara Al-Rishawi

Sara Al-Rishawi


My name is Sara Al-Rishawi, and I am a freshman Global Studies and Psychology double major on the pre-health track. I decided to become a peer mentor to help other first-year students like me who want to take advantage of their college years to grow and develop toward their goals.

portrait of Sam Rojewski

Sam Rojewski


My name is Sam Rojewski, pronouns she/her, and I’m a Journalism major. I will be a Sophomore in the Fall of 2022. I decided to become a peer mentor because I want to be a supportive, compassionate resource for other students, just as my peer mentor was for me.

portrait of Alana Ross

Alana Ross


Hi! I’m Alana Ross. I am a sophomore a double major in Sports Media and Advertising & Public Relations, and my minor is in Textiles Design and Apparel. I became a peer mentor because I wanted to help out-of-state students and students of color to feel at peace and at home in Nebraska and strive to complete and do their best.

portrait of Mathew Sankara Mugabo

Mathew Sankara Mugabo


My name is Mathew Sankara Mugabo, and I am an integrated science major soon embarking on my senior year in the fall of 2022. I wanted to become a peer mentor to be a stepping stone to other students’ success and help them overcome the challenges I faced myself.