Board of Governors

Center for Great Plains Studies Board of Governors

Center governance document

Will Stoutamire (2022-2025)
Assistant Professor of History, UNK


Jesse Bell (2021-2025)
Claire M. Hubbard Professor of Health and Environment, College of Public Health, UNMC

Eric Ewing (2021-2025)
Executive Director, Great Plains Black History Museum

Gabriel Bruguier (2022-2026)
Assistant Professor, Research Specialist Librarian, UNL

Kristine Sudbeck (2024-2027)
Dean of Academic Affairs, Nebraska Indian Community College

Gwendŵr Meredith (2022-2025)
Assistant Professor and Social-Ecological Rangeland Scientist at UNL within the Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes, UNL

Nathan Tye (2024-2027)
Assistant Professor of History, UNK

Laura Muñoz (2022-2025)
Assistant Professor of History and Ethnic Studies, UNL

Regina Iodate (2024-2027)
Associate Professor, College of Public Health, UNMC, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Thomas Sanchez (2024-2027)
Associate Professor of Sociology and Latino/Latin American Studies, UNO

Susana Geliga (2023-2026)
Assistant Professor of History, UNO

Brandon Cobb (2024-2029)
The Nature Conservancy, Cherokee Nation

Margaret Jacobs, Director, Center for Great Plains Studies
Prof. History, UNL