Board of Governors

2018-2019 Center for Great Plains Studies Board of Governors

Center governance document

Richard Edwards, Director
1155 Q Street (0214) UNL, Prof. Economics, 340 CBA (0489), 402-472-4995

Liliana Bronner (2018-2021) Assistant Professor and Clinical Education Manager at UNMC, Department of Family Medicine, 402-559-4365

Chris Chizinski (2018-2021) Assistant professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management in the School of Natural Resources, UNL, 402-405-4809

Bree Dority (2018-2021) Associate Professor of Finance and the Associate Dean of the College of Business & Technology at UNK, 308-865-8343

Maurice Godfrey (2014-2017, 2018-2021) Prof Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC, 402-559-6689

Margaret Huettl (2017-2020)
Assist Prof History, 624 OLDH, UNL, 402-472-2414

Larkin Powell (2014-2017, 2018-2021)
Prof School of Natural Resources, 419 HARH, UNL, 402-472-6825

Regina Robbins (2017-2020)
Assistant Prof, College of Public Health, 402-552-7257

Jessica Shoemaker (2016-2019)
Asst Professor of Law,
LAW 211, UNO, 402-472-0420

Patty Simpson (2018-2021)
Chair and Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, UNL, 402-472-7032

Chris Steinke (2016-2019)
Asst Professor of History, COPH 103K, UNK, 308-865-8662

Elizabeth VanWormer (2016-2019)
Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Veterinary Medicine, 406 HARH, UNL, 402-472-8483

Kim Wilson (2018-2021)
Professor of Landscape Architecture in the College of Architecture, UNL, 402-472-9230

2018-2019 Board Committees

Academic Affairs

Jessica Shoemaker, chair
Regina Robbins
Patty Simpson


Chris Steinke, chair
Larkin Powell
Liliana Bronner

Museum and Outreach

Margaret Huettl, chair
Kim Wilson
Chris Chizinski


Elizabeth VanWormer, chair
Maurice Godfrey
Bree Dority