Atlas of the Great Plains

The Atlas of the Great Plains will serve as a resource for citizens, policy-makers, business-persons, students, teachers, librarians and others both within and beyond the boundaries of the region. It will provide information on the broad patterns and local features of the ten states and three provinces in the Great Plains region.

Each chapter will include numerous original maps, as well as text highlighting and indication of the significance of the patterns shown on the maps. Overall, about two-thirds of the Atlas will be maps, art reproductions, photographs and other graphics, and selections from the literature. The rest of the Atlas will be text explaining the maps and graphics and describing the culture, history, and settlement of the Great Plains.

Available from the University of Nebraska Press

Editors —
Stephen J. Lavin, Professor, and J. Clark Archer, Professor, Geography & GIScience, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Fred Shelley
, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Oklahoma

Map from the Atlas of the Great Plains

Hispanic Population, 2000/2001
(2000 for the U.S. Census,
2001 for the Canadian Census)