Your United States National Grasslands

Oglala National Grassland
Photo by Dennis Kuhnel, National Grasslands Visitor Center Director

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the United States National Grasslands Visitor Center have partnered in an effort to promote the history, culture, and personal stories of the United States National Grasslands system. The Forest Service currently administers 20 National Grasslands consisting of 3,842,278 acres of federal land and the 20,000 acre Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. Together, we are documenting the unique stories of the National Grasslands in four aspects. You will have access to an interactive story map which you can navigate to each National Grassland and learn about the various opportunities available for recreation and travel. You will have access to a digital archive showcasing the results of our citizen science initiative called the "Artifact Roadshows" where we are creating interactive 3D models and high quality 2D scans of artifacts and heritage sites.

          National Grasslands Story Map

National Grasslands Story Map

Artifact Roadshow Digital Archive

3D Digital Archive

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