Other Publications

Scholarly works published by the Center in association with the University of Nebraska Press:

  • Discover the Great Plains series
  • Stephen J. Lavin, Fred M. Shelley, and J. Clark Archer, editors. Atlas of the Great Plains (2011)
  • Willa Cather. The Troll Garden. Edited by James Woodress (1983)
  • Robert W. Cherny Populism, Progressivism, and the Transformation of Nebraska Politics, 1885-1915 (1981)
  • Virginia Faulkner, and Frederick C. Luebke, editors. Vision and Refuge: Essays on the Literature of the Great Plains (1982)
  • Merlin Lawson, and Maurice Baker, editors. The Great Plains: Perspectives and Prospects (1981)
  • Frederick C. Luebke, editor. Ethnicity on the Great Plains (1980)
  • Brian W. Blouet, and Frederick C. Luebke, editors. The Great Plains: Environment and Culture (1979)

Gary E. Moulton, editor. Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Volume 1
Atlas of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1983, Reprint 2002)

Volume 2
August 30, 1803-August 24, 1804 (1986)

Volume 3
August 25, 1804-April 6, 1805 (1987)

Volume 4
April 7, 1805-July 27, 1805 (1987)

Volume 5
July 28-November 1, 1805 (1988)

Volume 6
November 2, 1805-March 22, 1806 (1990)

Volume 7
March 23-June 9, 1806 (1991)

Volume 8
June 10,-September 26, 1806 (1993)

Volume 9
The Journals of John Ordway, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806,
and Charles Floyd, May 14-August 18, 1804 (1995)

Volume 10
The Journal of Patrick Gass, May 14, 1804-September 23, 1806 (1996)

Volume 11
The Journals of Joseph Whitehouse, May 14, 1804-April 2, 1806 (1997)

Volume 12
The Herbarium of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1999)

Volume 13
Comprehensive Index (2001)

  • Paul Schach, editor. Languages in Conflict: Linguistic Acculturation on the Great Plains (1980)

Scholarly works subsidized or assisted by the Center:

  • Kaci Nash. The Long Struggle: Standing Bear & the Ponca (2016)
  • Tom Lynch, Paul A. Johnsgard, Jack Phillips, editors. Natural Treasures of the Great Plains: An Ecological Perspective (2015)
  • John R Wunder, Frances W. Kaye, and Vernon Carstensen, editors. Americans View Their Dust Bowl Experience (1998)
  • John R Wunder, editor. Law and the Great Plains: Essays on the Legal History of the Heartland (1996)
  • Ralph H. Virgil, Frances W. Kaye, and John R. Wunder, editors. Spain and the Plains: Myths and Realities of Spanish Exploration and Settlement on the Great Plains (1994)
  • Frederick C. Luebke, Frances W. Kaye, and Gary E. Moulton, editors. Mapping the North American Plains (1987)
  • Warren W. Caldwell, C. Bertrand Schultz, and T. Mylan Stout, editors. Man and the Changing Environments in the Great Plains. A special issue of Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Science (1983)
  • Joan Crane. Willa Cather: A Bibliography (1982)
  • Greg Kuzman, editor. Forty Nebraska Poets (1981)

Archival Guides, Inventories, and Surveys published by the Center:

  • Alan Nielson, compiler. An Historical Survey of Opera Houses and Legitimate Theaters Built in the State of Nebraska between 1865 and 1917 (1978)
  • Janet Warkentin Rife. Germans and German-Russians in Nebraska: A Research Guide to Nebraska Ethnic Studies. Edited by Roger Welsch (1980)
  • Joseph Svoboda. Guide to American Indian Resource Materials in Great Plains Repositories (1983)
  • Joseph Svoboda and David Dunning. Preliminary Guide to Ethnic Resource Materials in Great Plains Repositories (1978)

Catalogs produced by the Great Plains Art Museum:

  • Nebraska Carver Alfred Larson 1866-1963 (1989)
  • The Prints of Lyman Byxbe (1991)
  • Paintings by Laurie Houseman-Whitehawk, Winnebago Woman Artist (1993)
  • The Art of Paul Goble, Author-Illustrator (1995)
  • Favorite Forms by Charles M. Russell: Interplay between selected Sculptures, Drawings and Paintings (1996)
  • Migrations of the Imagination: Photographs by Michael Forsberg and Drawings, Sculptures, and Quotations by Paul A. Johnsgard and Additional Works of Art (2002)
  • Paintings of My People: Paintings by Mark L. Moseman (2004)
  • The Canopy Overhead: The Later Years of Dwight Kirsch (2008)
  • Celebrating Darwin's Legacy: Evolution in the Galápagos Islands and the Great Plains (2009)

Booklets produced by the Center:

  • American Encounters: Lewis and Clark, the People, and the Land (1991)
  • Norris from Nebraska (1991)
  • Willa Cather's University Days: The University of Nebraska, 1890-1895 (1995)
  • Bison Poems: Of Bison and the Great Plains (2002)
  • Monticello and Jefferson's West: Inaugurating the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (2003)