Great Plains Affiliate Fellows: Full list

Affiliate Fellows of the Center include those who have a professional interest in the Great Plains and the purposes and program of the Center and are not presently holding regular appointments at the University of Nebraska.

They include more than 200 professionals from 122 institutions in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia.

Kevin Abourezk
Journalist, Managing Editor, Rosebud Sioux

Native American issues, higher education, leadership

Adam Ahlers
Associate Professor

Kansas State University

Landscape ecologist interested in how landscape change affects wildlife populations

Donna Akers
Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Texas Arlington

Native American history, race, gender, ethnicity, comparative colonialism

Sam Albrecht
Executive Director

Center for Association Leadership


Blake Allmendinger
Professor, English


Literature of the American West

Armando Alonzo
Associate Professor, History

Texas A&M

Mexican American, Texas, and Spanish Borderlands history

Eric Anderson
Associate Professor, English

George Mason University

Native American Literature, indigenous studies

Nico Arcilla

International Bird Conservation Partnerhip

Avian ecology, migration, and conservation

Peter Argersinger
Professor, History

Southern Illinois University

Populsim, politics, electoral processes

Bradley Baltensperger
Professor, Chair Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Michigan Tech University

Geography, agriculture, Central Great Plains settlement

Douglas Bamforth
Professor, Anthropology

University of Colorado-Boulder

Human use of the Plains, long-term environmental change

Blake Bell

Homestead National Monument

Women, African Americans, immigrants, Civil War

Randy Bertolas
Geography Professor, Chair of the Department of History, Politics, and Geography

Wayne State

Recreation, tourism and sports; natural disasters; geography education; and utilizing GIS in mapping

Kent Blansett
Langston Hughes Associate Professor

University of Kansas

Native American, modern U.S., Global Indigenous history

Brian Blouet
Huby Professor, Geography & International Education

William & Mary

Political geography, US settlement

Rob Bozell
Program Manager, Highway Archaeology Program

Nebraska State Historical Society

Paleoenvironment, culture change

John Braeman

University of Illinois

Early 20th Century history, New Deal era

Richard Breaux
Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

African American history, education history, black education

Pamela Brink

Associated Authors & Editors, Inc.

English, Women's Studies, Shakespeare

Charles Brown
Professor, Biological Sciences

University of Tulsa

Social behavior in vertebrates, cliff swallow

Shane Brown


Cinematography, cultural landscapes, rural Oklahoma

Brian Cannon
Professor, History, Director of the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies

Brigham Young University

Intermountain West

Laura Cannon
Former Assistant Professor, History


U.S.-Mexico borderlands, labor history, and citizenship and civil rights

Gustavo Carlo
Millsap Professor of Diversity, Human Development

University of Missouri

Prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents, Latino families and youth

Francine Carraro
Executive Director, Wichita Falls Museum of Art

Midwestern State University

Wildlife art, art history, Texas art

Robert Carriker
Professor, History

Gonzaga University

Jesuit missionaries, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Columbia River

James Carroll
Professor, Chair, History

Iona College

Native American history, education and pedagogy, transnational studies

David Carter
Associate Prof., Forensic Science

Chaminade University

Forensic taphonomy, postmortem microbiology, estimating postmortem interval

Elizabeth Chase
Executive Director

Nebraska Main Street Network

Community and regional planning, historic main streets

Brett Chloupek
Assistant Professor, Geography

Northwest Missouri State University

Cultural, political, and historical geography, the geography of religion

Paul Christensen
Professor, English

Texas A&M

20th Century American poetry, Southwestern life and literature, creative writing

Valerie Cisler

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Great Plains music, piano

Thomas Clark
Associate Professor, History

Sacramento State University

Urban history, history of crime and poverty

Richmond Clow
Professor, Native American Studies

University of Montana

Tribal resource management, politics on Montana's Reservations

Margaret Coel
Writer, Guest Lecturer

Boulder, Colo.

The West: the mountains, plains, and vast spaces

Allison Hedge Coke
Artist-in-Residence, English

University of Central Oklahoma

Native Americans, poetry, nonfiction, landscape

Kyle Conway
Associate Professor

University of Ottawa

Communication, border studies, Social effects of oil exploration

Nancy Cook
Associate Professor, English

University of Montana

Western American studies, literature of place, literature and the environment

Sam Cordes
Co-Director, Center for Regional Development

Purdue University

Agricultural economics, poverty analysis, social issues

Sara Crook
Prof., History and Political Science

Peru State College

United States Congress and Nebraska Politics

Greg Davis
Associate Professor, Horticulture

Kansas State University

Horticulture design applications, landscape plant establishment

Catherine De Almeida
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

University of Washington

Rural landscapes, Nebraska's brick industry, brownfield remediation

Karie Decker
Assistant Division Administrator-Wildlife Research

Nebraska Game & Parks

Research, analysis and inventory for parks, avain research projects

Paul Demers
Project Manager

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates

Historical archaeology, archaeology of borderlands, frontiers, military sites, emigrant trails

Anne Diffendal
Consulting Archivist/Historian

Managment of cultural institutions, management for archivists, political sciences, American history

Joshua Dolezal
Associate Professor, English

Central College

American literature, Willa Cather, sustainability

Betsy Downey
Professor, History

Gonzaga University

Environmental studies, Mari Sandoz, Cold War, Yellowstone

Joseph Dupris


Environment, Native Americans

William E Easterling
Director of Geosciences Directorate

National Science Foundation

Climate change and agriculture, food supply

Kalenda Eaton
Associate Professor, The Clara Luper Department of African & African American Studies

University of Oklahoma

Black American West, African American literature, Women’s Studies, Africana Studies

Walter Echo-Hawk


Native American history and law, indigenous art and culture, environment

Aris Efting

Bard High School Early College

Aquatic ecology, climate change and water quality, freshwater quality

Mark Eifler
Associate Professor, History

University of Portland

History, North American frontiers, American history, Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies

Lisa Emmerich
Professor, History

California State University

American history, Office of Indian Affairs, California Indians

Margaret Emons
University Librarian

Nebraska Wesleyan

Library, Great Plains history

Mark Engler

Homestead National Monument


Eric L. Ewing
Executive Director, Adjunct Professor, Bellevue University

Great Plains Black History Museum

Regional history, education, management, leadership

W Sue Fairbanks
Professor, Natural Resource Ecology and Managment

Oklahoma State University

Wildlife Biology, wildlife and grassland interactions, behavioral ecology

William Farr
Prof., History; Director, O'Conner Center for the Rocky Mountain West

University of Montana

Blackfoot Indians, Montana History, Native Americans

Elizabeth Fenn
Professor, History

University of Colorado Boulder

Early American West, Native American history

John Fiala

Nebraska Czechs

Czechs, Slovaks

Bernard Flaman
Conservation Architect

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Architecture of Canada and Saskatchewan

Elizabeth Franklin
Professor, Hispanic Studies

University of Northern Colorado

Hispanic Studies, literacy in bilingual classrooms

Glen Fredlund
Associate Professor, Geography

University of Wisconsin-Mil

Geography, anthropology, geomorphology

Kent Fricke
Small Game Coordinator

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Wildlife ecology

Jacob Friefeld
Illinois and Midwest Studies Research Historian, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Public history, nineteenth-century studies, homesteading

Christian Fritz
Henry Weihofen Chair in Law

University of New Mexico

U.S. legal history, Western legal history, California history

Kirsten Furlong
Lecturer and Director of the Blue Galleries, Department of Art, Design, and Visual Studies

Boise State University

Visual art, intersections of art and ecology

John Gaber
Professor, Political Science

University of Arkansas

Urban planning, community economic development, social planning

Sharon Gaber
Provost, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

University of Arkansas

Philosophy, city, community and regional planning, housing

Judi gaiashkibos
Executive Director

Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs

Nebraska Native Americans

Pamela Gossin
Professor, Arts and Humanities

University of Texas-Dallas

History of Science and interdisciplinary Literature and Science studies

H Roger Grant
Kathryn and Calhoun Lemon Professor, History

Clemson University

American railroad, transportation history

Andrew Graybill
Prof., Co-Director, Clements Center for Southwest Studies North American West

Southern Methodist University

North American West history of expansion, borders, race, violence

Sara Gregg
Associate Prof., Environmental History

University of Kansas

Agricultural production and environmental change

Brian Gribben
Coordinator, Government Information, Archives, & Special Collections – Forsyth Library

Fort Hays State University

German immigration, Populism, freethought

Ronald Griffin
Professor, Law

Florida A&M University

International trade and sales, international law

P Jane Hafen
Professor, English

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Native American Studies, American literature, American West

Evelyn Harris Haller
Professor, Chair, English

Doane College

Willa Cather, Virginia Woolf, Erza Pound

Pekka Hamalainen
Rhodes Professor of American History

St Catherine's College at University of Oxford

Borderlands, Plains Indian trade, fur trade, Santa Fe Trail

John P. Hankey
Historian and Cultural Resource Consultant

Omaha, Neb.

History of technology, American railroading

Karen Hansen
Professor, Sociology and Women's, Gender and Sexuality studies

Brandeis University

Contemporary families, historical sociology, and the sociology of gender

Twyla Hansen

Lincoln, Neb.

Poetry, sustainable agriculture, rural land use

James Hanson
Historian, Editor

Museum of the Fur Trade

American history, trans-Mississippi west, western expansion, plains Indian anthropology

Sharon Harris
Professor, English

University of Connecticut

19th Century U.S. Literature, women and reform movements; feminist literary theory

Ed Harvey
Water Resources Division

National Park Service

Hydrogeology, hydrology, water resource management and planning, national water policy

Dennis Hastings
Founder, director

Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc.

Genealogical research, Omaha language, religion, music

Cody Havard
Associate Professor, Sport Commerce

University of Memphis

Rivalry, in-group bias, fan and consumer behavior

John Heaston
Director, Platte River Program

The Nature Conservancy

Water management, Platte River, anthropology, conservation planning

Robert Hitchcock
Professor, Geography

Michigan State University

Anthropology, human ecology of populations in arid and semi-arid ecosystems

Johnathan Hladik
Energy Policy Advocate

Center for Rural Affairs

Farm landscape, environmental policy, clean energy

W. Wyatt Hoback
Assistant Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology

Oklahoma State University

Entomology, limnology, biology, plants and animals, conservation

Donovan Hofsommer
Professor, History

St. Cloud State University

Transportation history, American West, Minnesota, public history

Michel Hogue
Associate Professor, History

University of Carleton

Metis, the fur trade, and first peoples of the Great Plains

Drake Hokanson
Assist. Prof., Mass Communications

Winona State Unviersity

Great Plains photography, grain elevators, nonfiction writing

Daniel Holtz
Professor, English

Peru State College

Nebraska Literature, preparing secondary English teachers

Teresa Houser
Assistant Professor, History

Midland University

Great Plains history

Craig Howe

Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies

Tribal history, museum exhibits

LeAnne Howe
Eidson Distinguished Professor in American Literature, Department of English

University of Georgia

American Indian Literature, theater

Robert Hower
Professor, Chair, Art & Art History

University of Texas at Arlington

Art, interactive projects, computer graphics

Jim Hoy
Professor, English

Emporia State University

Great Plains folklore, American Indian literature, Australian outback

Philip Hull
Director, International Programs

University of Central Missouri

Study abroad, exchange students, international programs

Douglas A. Hurt
Assistant Teaching Professor, Geography, Director of Undergraduate Studies

University of Missouri

Cultural and Historical Geography, Geography Education, North America

R. Douglas Hurt
Professor, Dept. Head, History

Purdue University

American agriculture, American West, Midwest history

Andrew Isenberg
Professor, Chair, History

Temple University

American West, environmental history, bison, native/settler encounters

Thomas Isern
Professor, History

North Dakota State University

North American plains history, history of agriculture

David Jachowski
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology

Clemson University

Black-footed ferret, Great Plains animals

Wes Jackson

The Land Institute

Natural systems agriculture, botany, plant genetics, biology

Elizabeth Jameson
Associate Professor, History

University of Calgary

Women's history in the American West

Mary Liz Jameson
Associate Professor, Biology

Wichita State University

Entomology, biodiversity,
conservation, zoology

Matthew Jockers
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Washington State University

Irish immigrants, place-based literature, digital humanities

Anthony Joern
Professor, Biology

Kansas State University

Insect community ecology, insect/ plant interactions, grasslands

Annika Johnson
Associate Curator of Native American Art

Joslyn Art Museum

Native American arts and culture, institutional futures

David Johnson
Professor, Sociology

Penn State University

Measurement techniques, structural equation models

Matthew Jones
Native historian

Lincoln, Neb.

Native American studies, tales, beast fables, creation stories

Brennan Jordan
Associate Professor, Sustainability and Environment

University of South Dakota

volcanology, geodiversity, tourism

Toby Jurovics
Chief Curator

Joslyn Art Museum

19th, 20th Century photography and art of the American West

Yasuhide Kawashima
Professor, History

University of Texas at El Paso

American history, colonial history, history of the Far East

Martha Kennedy
Independent historian

Fairfax, Va.

American cartooning history, caricature, illustration

Todd Kerstetter
Associate Prof., History & Geography

Texas Christian University

19th- and 20th-Century Trans-Mississippi West, religion, popular culture (art, music)

Leo Killsback
Associate Professor, Native American Studies, Northern Cheyenne Nation

Montana State University

Indigenous governance, traditional law, sovereignty, treaty rights

Jon Kilpinen
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Geography

Valparaiso University

American historical geography, Europe, political geography, GIS

Joni Kinsey
Professor, Art & Art History

University of Iowa

Plains art, surveying of the American West, 18th through 20th Century American art

Amy Koch
Highway Archeologist

Nebraska State Historical Society

Archaeology, Sandhills, paleoecology

Alan Kolok
Professor and Director

Idaho Water Resources Research Institute

Water resources, citizen science, water, public health, environmental epidemiology

Ted Kooser
Presidential Professor, English

University of Nebraska

Poetry, essays

Nancy Tystad Koupal

SD State Historical Society Press

American literature, South Dakota, Dakota women, children's literature

Lisi Krall
Professor, Economics


Ecology, environmental policy, history

Dennis Kuhnel

Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Research & Visitor Center

Archaeology, Native American literature, environmental law

Rebecca Lacome
Steven Mather Training Department

Harper Ferrys Center

Biological diversity, natural history of the prairies, Mammoth Cave National Park, folklore

Renee Laegreid
Professor, History

University of Wyoming

Western women's history, American West

Lori Ann Lahlum

Minnesota State University in Mankato

American West, women's and gender history, and Norwegian America

David Landis

City of Lincoln Urban Development

Political science, history, law, public administration

Brent Lathrop
Director, Southeast Wyoming

The Nature Conservancy

Community and regional planning, geography

Susan Lawrence
Associate Professor, History

Ohio State University

History of medicine

Jon Lauck
Associate Editor

Middle West Review

Farming, settlement, regional studies

Kenneth Leyton-Brown
Professor, History

University of Regina

Canadian legal history, Saskatchewan legal history

Brad Lookingbill
Professor, History

Columbia College Missouri

American military history, American Indian history

John Ludwickson
Highway Archeologist

Nebraska State Historical Society

Prehistory and history of Plains and Midwestern Native Americans, archaeology, 19th Century military

Vicki Braglio Luther

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Educational leadership, community development

Don Macke

e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Economics, economic development, environmental studies

Margaret MacKichan
Director, Great Plains Art Institute

Sinte Gleska University

Native American art history, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture

Cheyenne Marco
Lecturer of English

University of South Dakota

Creative Writing and Great Plains Literature

Harvey Markowitz
Assoc. Prof., Sociology/Anthropology

Washington and Lee University

Relationships among American Indian religions, landscapes, cultures, histories, and identities

Jerome Martin

Spotted Cow Press

Visual arts, music, communications, western Canadian history

Leanne Martin
Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution Biology

Iowa State University

Prairie restoration, plant species diversity, seed, ecology

Joseph Mason
Professor, Geography

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Geomorphology, quarternary geology, hillslope geomorphology

Michael Mayer
Professor, History

University of Montana

American law; Civil Rights movement; post-WWII culture

Arthur McEvoy
Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Law

Southwestern Law School

Environmental law, water rights, California fisheries

Richard Meile
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

Indiana University Northwest

Globalization, health, rural, economy

George Melnyk
Professor, Film Studies

University of Calgary

Canadian studies, Canadian Plains, protest in Western Canada, peace studies, Canadian cinema

Doris Meredith
Writer, Public Lecturer

Amarillo, Texas

Mystery literature, historical fiction, American West

Amber Mohr
Former curator, Great Plains Art Museum

Avoca, Iowa

Great Plains art

Christie Maloyed
Associate Professor, Political Science

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Political theory

Kurt Mantonya
Senior Associate

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Ethnographic and anthropological research

Wynema Morris
Independent Scholar, Omaha Tribe

Walthill, Neb.

Omaha Peoples, traditions of song, dance, social and political structures

L.G. Moses
Professor, History

Oklahoma State University

American Indian history, American West, history of anthropology, ethnohistory

Francis (and Maxine) Moul
Reviewer, Author, Publisher

Lincoln, Neb.

International relations, Nebraska History, U.S. Indian Claims Commission

Keith Mueller
Gerhard Hartman Professor of Public Health, UI College of Public Health, and Director, RUPRI, Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis Researcher

University of Iowa

Rural healthcare policy, Affordable Care Act, American health policy

Alicia Mullarkey
Preserve Manager, Biology


Nature preserves

David Murphy
Senior Research Architect

Nebraska State Historical Society

History and theory of architecture and place

Robert Murphy
Nongame biologist, Migratory Birds

Southwest Region, U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Ecology, ornithology, prairie restoration, grassland bird habitat

Elaine Marie Nelson
Assistant Professor, History; Executive Director, Western History Association

University of Kansas

North American West, Native American, gender history

David Nesheim
Assistant Professor, Social/Communication Arts

Chadron State College

Great Plains, bison research

George Neubert

Flatwater Folk Art Museum

Modern art history, 20th Century sculpture, museum management, 19th/20th Century American art

Gerald Oetelaar
Professor, Head, Archaeology

University of Calgary

Archaeology of eastern woodlands, method and theory, settlement patterns, Northern Plains

Tyra Olstad
Lecturer, Geography

State University of New York - Oneonta

Environmental science, monitoring, and history

Suzanne Ortega
President of the Council of Graduate Schools

University of North Carolina

Social gerontology, social psychology, adult socialization, reference group therapy

Paula Palmer

Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples, a program of Friends Peace Teams

Education and advocacy for Indigenous peoples' rights, racial and environmental justice

Tapan Pathak
Specialist in Climate Adaptation

University of California

Climate variability and climate change science

James Parham
Aquatic Biologist & Hydrologist

Hawaii Biological Survey, Bishop Museum

Hawaiian streams and habitats, habitat use, streamfishes, fisheries, Platte River

Keith Parker
Professor, Sociology

University of Georgia

Educational aspirations, social and applied demography, social movements, social stratification

Don Perkins
Lecturer, English

University of Alberta

Canadian drama, Native literatures, and popular culture, Canadian theatre history, trickster stories and literature

Paula Petrik
Professor, History & Art History

George Mason University

History of the Trans-Mississippi West, U.S. women's history, U.S. business history

Alisa Plant

Louisiana State University Press

History scholarship and literature

Frank Pommersheim
Professor, Law

University of South Dakota

Indian law, federal jurisdiction, rights of indigenous peoples, criminal law, criminal procedure

Debra Ponec
Professor, Chair, Education

Creighton University

Guidance & counseling curriculum, relationships within school communities, immigrant students

Deborah Popper
Professor, Political Science

CUNY-College of Staten Island

Environmental pressure and population loss, ecological restoration, Buffalo Commons

Frank Popper
Professor, Planning and Public Policy

Rutgers University

Land-use planning, environmental history, population decline, Buffalo Commons

Charlene Porsild
Res. Assoc. Prof., American Studies

University of New Mexico

North American West, Canadian Studies, Klondike Gold Rush, gender history

Joseph Porter
Curation section chief

North Carolina Museum of History

American history, Western U.S. history and art, Native American history, Plains Indian art

Steve Potts
Instructor, Social Sciences

Hibbing Community College

Humanities, 20th Century U.S., Native America, American frontier, East Asia, anthropology

Cythia Prescott
Professor, History and American Indian Studies

University of North Dakota

Gender in the American West; material culture; historical memory

Byron Price
Charles Marion Russell Memorial Chair and director of the Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of Art of the American West, Director of the University of Oklahoma Press

University of Oklahoma

Art of the American West

M-L Quinn
Research Affiliated Faculty, History & Philosophy

Montana State University

Water resources/law, climate change, environmental history

Ronald Ramsay
Associate Professor, Architecture

North Dakota State University

Landscape architecture, architectural history and design, historic preservation

Richard Reading
Vice President for Conservation

Denver Zoological Foundation

Grasslands, Great Plains, Mongolia, Kalahari, Altiplano, conservation biology

Lavona Reeves
Professor, English, Women's and Gender Studies

Eastern Washington University

Linguistics, composition, rhetoric, English as a second language

Akim Reinhardt
Professor, History

Towson University

Native American history, Plains history, and regional political developments

Brenden Rensink
Assistant Professor, History; Assistant Director of the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies

Brigham Young University

North American West, indigenous peoples, transnational borderlands

James Riding In
Associate Professor, Editor Wicaoao Sa Review

Arizona State University

Culture, human rights, Indigenous justice, Indian law, policy, racism, social movements

Reginald Robinson
Director and Professor in School of Public Affairs and Administration

University of Kansas

Torts, constitutional litigation, race discrimination, state constitutional law

Ann Romines
Professor, English

George Washington University

Women's writing and culture, feminist theory, 19th Century U.S. writing, American regional writing

James Ronda
H.G. Barnard Professor, Western American History

University of Tulsa

American West exploration, Western American History and Literature

Sarah Rowe
Visual artist

Enrolled member of Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, Lakota Nation

Mixed media visual arts, community programming, and healing arts collaboration

Bradley Rundquist
Interim Dean and Professor, Department of Geography & GISc

University of North Dakota

Remote sensing, GIS, prairie ecosystems

Leland Russell
Associate Prof., Biological Sciences

Wichita State University

plant population ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, savanna dynamics and restoration

Julie Savidge
Prof., Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Colorado State University

Forestry, fisheries, wildlife zoology and ecology, wildland resources

Kate Schneider


Photographed the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline for the exhibition "We, the Heartland"

Connie Schomburg
Independent scholar

Fremont, Neb.

English, ethnic literature, journalism, African-American literature

James Scott
Herman Brown Chair & Professor, political science

Texas Christian University

International relations, foreign-policy analysis, U.S. foreign policy making, Great Plains interaction with a global world

Timothy Seastedt
Prof., Ecology and Evolutionary Bio

University of Colorado at Boulder

Terrestrial ecosystems, soil biology, nutrient dynamics, ecosystems, invasive species

Melynda Seaton
Curator of Photography

History Colorado

Art of the American West, photography

Douglas Seefeldt
Associate Professor, History

Ball State University

American West, environmental histoyr, public history, digital, 19th and 20th Century U.S.

Fred Shelley
Professor, Chair, Geography

University of Oklahoma

Political geography, environmental policy, world economy

Robert Shepard
GIS Specialist

University of Iowa

Cartography, GIS, population geography and urban historical geography

Jacob Sherman
Reference Librarian

University of Texas at San Antonio

Oral history, people, politics

James Sherow
Professor, History

Kansas State University

Environmental history, Konza Prairie, American history

Steve Shively
Associate Professor, English

Utah State University

Willa Cather, pedagogy of place, religion in nature

Janet Smith
Art Consultant

Omaha, Neb.

Art appraisal, art history, 19th to 20th Century women artists

Michael Smith
Director, Nebraska State Historical Society

Omaha, Neb.

Art appraisal, art history, 19th to 20th Century women artists

Shirley Sneve
Executive Director

Vision Maker Media

Native American film

Lawrence J and Barbara Sommer

Duluth Archaeology Center

Historic preservation, architecture, mining, museum administration

Mary Zeiss Stange
Prof. and Director, Religious, Women's Studies

Skidmore College

Religion and culture, women and religion, feminist theologies

Allen Steuter

Sandhill and Sun Ranch

Fire ecology, grazing and range science, wildlife, ecosystem structure

Allyson Stevenson
Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies and Gabriel Dumont Chair in Métis Studies

University of Saskatchewan

Métis history, indigenous child welfare history, gender and indigenous women’s political organizing

Kristine Sudbeck
Research and development adviser, faculty member

Nebraska Indian Community College

Native American history

Reece Summers
Director, Curator, Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery

Southern Utah University

History, museum studies, education, economics, 

Wynne Summers
Assistant Professor, English

Southern Utah University

Native American literature and Studies, Ethnic literature, Western American literature

Orlan Svingen
Professor, History

Washington State University

American West, Indian-white relations, modern East Asia, North Cheyenne Indian Reservation

Amy Swoboda


Ecology, water resources law

Baligh Ben Taleb
ACLS  Postdoctoral  Fellow in Race,  Ethnicity,  &  Indigeneity, Institute for Research in the Humanities

University of Wisconsin-Madison

American Indian & Indigenous history, race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity, settler colonialism, decolonization, transitional justice

Otis Templer
Professor, Geography

Texas Tech University

Water resources management and conservation; arid lands

Robert Thacker
Dana Professor of English and Chair of Canadian Studies

St. Lawrence University

English, Canadian and Western literature, landscape in literature

Harry Thompson
Director, Center for Western Studies

Augustana University

New West, poststructuralism/theory, South Dakota, Great Plains authors

Vetta Sanders Thompson
Professor, Social Work

Washington University, St. Louis

Cultural competence, racial identity, disparities in health and mental health services

Stephen Torbit
Assistant Regional Director, Science

Mountain-Prairie Region, U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Wildlife ecology, ruminant nutritional physiology

Carolyn Torma
Director of Education and Citizen Engagement

American Planning Association

Vernacular architecture, historic preservation, education

Steven Trout
Professor, English

University of Alabama

Literary modernism, war literature, and American cultural studies

Tracy Tucker
Education Director and Archivist

The Willa Cather Foundation

Native Americans in Cather novels, Plains literature, prairie programming

Jinny Turman
Associate Professor, History

University of Virginia's College at Wise

Public history, Buffalo County, Kearney history, historic preservation

Simon Tye

University of Arkansas

Natural history of Great Plains organisms, ecological catastrophes

Edward Valandra

Community for the Advancement of Native Studies

Native and cultural studies, Lakota-Euroamerican relations

Carroll Van West
Dir., Center for Historic Preservation

Middle Tennessee State University

19th/20th Century Southern and Western culture, architecture

Mary Ann Vinton
Associate Professor, Biology

Creighton University

Plant, ecosystem and grassland ecology, invasive plants

Matthew Wagner
Director, Freedom to Roam project, Northern Great Plains

World Wildlife Fund

Environmental law, sustainable development law

Ernie Walker
Professor, Archaeology & Anthropology

University of Saskatchewan

Paleopathology; forensic anthropology, human evolutionary studies

Milan Wall

Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Community development

Randi Warne
Professor, Religious Studies

Mount Saint Vincent University

Religion, culture, 19th/20th Century North American culture

Robert Watrel
Associate Professor, Geography

South Dakota State University

Human geography, political geography, cartography

Susan Welch
Dean, College of the Liberal Arts

Penn State University

Political science, women in politics, political behavior

Roger Welsch
Writer, commentator


English, anthropology, folklore, plains folk and literature, oral literature

Gwen Westerman
Artist and faculty member, English

Minnesota State University in Mankato

Native American literature and art

William Whitney
Executive Director

Prairie Plains Research Institute

Prairie restoration, botany, plant ecology, biology, McConaughy Resevoir

Andy Wilkinson
Folksinger, writer

Lubbock, Texas

Great Plains people and history, folklore

Cory Willard
Writing and Learning Strategist, Student Learning Services

Mount Royal University

Ecocriticism, Place Studies, Literature of the West

Richard Williams
Oglala Lakota/Cheyenne

Leader People of the Sacred Land

Federal Indian Policies, Treaties, American Indian History (Plains specific)

Rebecca Wingo
Director of Public History, Assistant Professor

University of Cincinnati

Indigenous history, homesteading, housing, digital history

Stephen Witte
Associate Editor

South Dakota State Historical Society Press

Buffalo Bill, Prince Maximilian

Carly Woods
Assist. Prof., Communication Studies

University of Maryland

Gender and communications, social change, diverse voices

Kay Young
Naturalist, Folklorist

Lincoln, Neb.

Folk and intercultural studies, ethnobotany

Ann Ziebarth
Professor, Housing Studies

University of Minnesota

Housing in rural places, policy, rural sociology

Ed Zimmer
Historic Preservation Planner

Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Dept.

U.S. studies, history research methods, neighborhood history