Great Plains Fellows: Anthropology

Douglas Bamforth Professor, Anthropology University of Colorado-Boulder Human use of the Plains, long-term environmental change
William Belcher Associate Professor, Anthropology UNL Forensic anthropology and archaeology, forensic taphonomy related to post-mortem interval of forensic case work within the Great Plains
Peter Bleed Professor Emeritus, Anthropology UNL Technology, material culture, lithics, historic archaeology, Japan
Matthew Douglass Director, Master of Applied Science Program UNL Prehistoric/historic/modern human environmental interaction, lithic technology
Phil Geib Associate Professor of Practice, Anthropology UNL Archaeology, hunter-gatherers, transition to agriculture
Elizabeth Grobsmith Provost Emeritus Northern Arizona University Anthropology, ethnology, native cultures of North America
Regina Idoate Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion UNMC Medial humanities, Indigenous health sovereignty, community health improvement
Ryan Klataske Founder & Principal; Adjunct Assistant Professor Applied Ethnographic Services; University of Nebraska Medical Center Anthropology, ethnography, agriculture, work, environment, health, and rural life
Harvey Markowitz Professor Emeritus, Sociology/Anthropology Washington and Lee University Relationships among American Indian religions, landscapes, cultures, histories, and identities
Kurt Mantonya Consulting Associate Heartland Center for Leadership Development Ethnographic and anthropological research
Sarah Nelson Assistant Professor, Geography, Affiliate of Medical Humanities, Native American Studies UNO Oral ways of knowing, aging in Indigenous communities, cultural safety in health care
Alan Osborn Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Great Plains archaeology, Paleoindian adaptations, nutritional anthropology
Beth Ritter Associate Professor, Anthropology & Native American Studies UNO Contemporary Native American issues, federal Indian policy
Allison Schlosser Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology UNO Sociocultural medical anthropology, ethnographic methods, anthropology of drug use, and health disparities
LuAnn Wandsnider Professor, Anthropology; Associate Director, SGIS UNL Pre-Columbian archaeology of the North American central/high plains